10 Data Engineering Blogs You Should Follow Now

I’ve always been surprised by the ascent of data design and big data. Tech moves quickly, and I feel like data designing moves much quicker. In all cases, new devices and frameworks emerge with common recurrence. It’s challenging to stay aware of what’s hot and what’s not. In any case, I believe it’s vital to keep a finger on the beat of what tech produces. So, here are my ten main rundowns of data designing websites. 

Top 10 Data Engineering Blogs that you should follow before using data engineering services  

  1. Netflix Tech (Big Data labeled) 


Are you surprised to see Netflix up top on the list? Don’t be! They are undoubtedly the market leaders when it comes to video content. But their tech blogs are mind-blowing. I primarily use online journals as a device to comprehend what innovation stacks they are operating and how they are utilizing them. It gives me a smart thought about what I should consider while taking on new Big Data projects myself. 

Likewise, they have many posts that genuinely dive into the design and discuss the thoughts behind the thoughts. Unimaginably valuable for data engineers attempting to consummate their artworks and become scholars and much as practitioners. 

  1. Airbnb Data Science and Data Platform Engineering 


It would be best if you cherished Airbnb. In addition to their superb item, they’ve given the world Apache Airflow. They must be wonderful to have contributed perhaps of the most astounding and significant datum designing devices. I follow their blogs for similar reasons, I track Netflix Tech. I need to understand what devices are being utilized effectively at scale.

A portion of the posts goes into unimaginable profundity about specific bits of innovation and the issues they’ve needed to settle and survive. It’s precious to learn about examples gained from individuals attempting to address the inconceivable with the exemplary apparatuses that anyone could hope to find. A genuine model and one of my #1 posts are On Spark, Hive, and Small Files: An In-Depth Look at Spark Partitioning Strategies. 

  1. Jesse Anderson 


In some cases, information designing is about the master plan as well. I’ve followed somebody for a while for their great substance based on information designing, particularly for the higher perspective stuff. Being a decent information engineer is tied in with composing great code, yet it’s generally more than that. Look at it. 

  1. LinkedIn Engineering 


The LinkedIn Engineering blog is another incredible one with a great measure of data designing and general information content. Again, they cover a ton of undeniable level engineering and tech stacks, and it’s an extraordinary method for keeping up on the plan designs out in nature. For instance, a remarkable article is Coral: A SQL interpretation, examination, and revision motor for present-day information lake houses. It provides an incredible comprehension of how some petabyte-scale data distribution centers are run. 

  1. Uber Engineering 


Yes, Uber has been added to the rundown. Uber Engineering is another monumental designing web journal. I love this blog since it’s a marvelous blend of significant level subjects like Revolutionizing Money Movements at Scale with Strong Data Consistency. The whole way to top-to-bottom tech, like Building a Large-scale Transactional Data Lake at Uber Using Apache Hudi. There is a here thing so that everybody and its extraordinary could hear how some “less” well-known tech stacks get utilized at scale. 

  1. Databricks Engineering 


Databricks has taken the Big Data world by storm. Their design site is the same and is loaded with pieces of examples for the astute information engineer. From accommodating points like How to Manage Python Dependencies in PySpark, to the very fascinating How to Train Boost With Spark, you would be insane not to dig through this blog and track down something to learn. 

  1. Andreas Kretz 


Andreas is the juggernaut of data science and data designing substance and learning on LinkedIn and different stages. There is a ton of content about getting into DS and data designing, professional guidance, etc. 

  1. Prophet Blog (Data Science) 


This one is an unlikely treasure, and I realize it says information science; however, there is a lot of extraordinary substance for information engineers, particularly those working around Machine Learning. It would be best to dig deep to move beyond the articles about Oracle. However, you can find great ones when you look. For instance, A Simple Guide to Leveraging Parallelization for Machine Learning Tasks is a fantastic post. 

  1. Cloudera Blog (Data Engineering) 


The Cloudera blog has some great substance, and there are some great insights about subjects like How does Apache Spark 3.0 increment the presentation of your SQL jobs? Once more, like Oracle, you need to filter through the promoting content, yet when you do, there are a few genuinely thoughtful content composing good thoughts. 

  1. Howl Engineering Blog 


Here is another organization designing site that is a gold mine. There is a consistent inventory of some sound data engineering and design content.

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