Are You Willing to Consume Stoner Patch Dummies? The Facts to Keep in Mind

Any food which comprises of active organic ingredients such as CBD and THC is the hemp plant is known as edible. The stone patch dummies are often called the stone patch gummies because it comprises of small hums that appear similar to a stone patch gummy. 

These gummies have a sweet taste and come in several flavors, such as watermelon candy, tropical flavor, strawberry, and raisin. Usually, they get made using corn syrup, flax distillate, THC oil, sugar, citrus syrup, concentrated white grape jelly, artificial flavors, and sorbitol. To know more about this, you can check out 

The impacts of stoner patch dummies

Ideally, the stoner patch dummies bring ample relaxation and a generally happy mood for people who consume it. However, people might sometimes face other side effects based on their physical and mental conditions. Some of the mixed impacts that you need to be aware of include the following:

  • It is safe compared to smoking – The marijuana vapors have a similar toxicity level as tobacco. However, consuming the THC as edibles will not result in any kind of lung cancer when you consume it. 
  • It takes time to show the impact – When you consume marijuana, it adds THC directly to the bloodstream and results in a high, at a very less time. But when you ingest it in your stomach, the THC absorption is dependent on the metabolism of the person, which varies from one person to the other. 
  • Overdose – There is a scope of getting overdosed with THC compounds through the edibles. The excess dosage amounts can lead to nausea, anxiety, impaired mobility, and panic attacks. 
  • The THC tolerance – A few people have a very less tolerance toward THC. It is because once you ingest it, you might mumble and have a slurry vision. It can also lead to muscle spasms, contraction, short-term memory loss, or rapid heart rate. 
  • The medical uses – When people consume it in the dose prescribed, it can help them feel a sense of relief from the chronic pain. There have been anecdotal accounts and medical studies where it has helped in remedying glaucoma. It is effective in treating the severe side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients and insomnia. 

However, you need to be aware that some people might also get hallucinated upon consumption of the stoner patch dummies. It can make them feel and see certain things that aren’t real and pragmatic. It usually happens when the person concerned has an addiction issue. 

The things to keep in mind

Today, several stores sells stoner patch dummies. You need to ensure that you are selecting the product from a popular online or offline store that provides you with the best quality product. That aside, make sure you purchase from a site with a good share of positive reviews. Last but not least, you should get a medical consultation before consuming these gummies and make sure you stick to the correct dosage that fits you. 

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