Best B2B Email Marketing Practices

Email marketing is the most effective and powerful way to reach your audience. You’re probably doing things wrong if you’re not seeing great results from your email campaigns. This guide will help you avoid common mistakes made by many companies as well as provide some helpful tips on how to improve your current practices. 

Just sending out a regular email isn’t going to cut it anymore. If you want to see real results from your email campaigns, you need to be following best practices.

We’ve compiled a list of the best B2B email marketing practices that have proven successful for other businesses just like yours. This AI Lines guide will show you how to create emails that get opened, clicked, and responded to.

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7 Best B2B Email Marketing Practices

The following are the 7 best email marketing practices that will not only deliver your message to the desired recipient but will also compel them to open it and convert prospects into customers:

Segment Your Customers

Segment your email list to ensure that you’re sending relevant content to the right people. Every email you send won’t be appropriate for every member of your list. You may have subscribers at different stages of the buyer’s journey or seeking different solutions. 

Segmenting your list based on interest and communication preferences will increase subscription rates. By dividing your subscribers into smaller groups, you’ll be able to send targeted emails resulting in higher conversions.

Use A Subject Line (28-50 Characters)

You should master subject lines as soon as possible because they are imperative for email opening. Understand your target audience to create subject lines that suit them, and show them real value rather than empty promises. It is imperative to write a winning subject line that is long enough.

Many studies have tested it, but new statistics have discovered that the optimal length of characters is somewhere between 28 and 50 characters. Subject lines should be longer from 28 to 39 characters since smartphone devices have less screen real estate.

Add A Call-To-Action

The B2B email marketing tips would be incomplete without mentioning the intrinsic part: calls-to-action (CTAs). According to statistics, 87% of B2B marketers use CTAs to nurture and generate leads.

You should keep things more focused in your B2B emails. Only include one call to action. Look at the CTAs in the emails you get if you’re surprised at the number of emails you receive. There are some that have two, three, or even ten different CTAs. 

Make sure you don’t make this mistake, which can leave your recipients’ heads spinning, asking “What should I click first?“, and ultimately making them click nothing. By having only one CTA per email, you allow your readers to focus on your email content and ultimately one action.

Keep Your Emails Rational, Informational, And Profit-Based

B2B communication focuses on information, facts, and profit. Customers want to read about how your product can make a difference in their company and lives, not about how good it feels to buy from you. 

According to recent research, 51% of B2B customers seek content that assists with decision-making and benchmarking. To keep your subscribers’ interest, your email content should help them to do their jobs better and provide them with valuable information, rather than being perceived as promotional.

Make Your Email Visual

By adding images and videos to your text, you can break up the content and make it more interesting. The importance of images in B2B emails is universally acknowledged. 

According to 32 percent of respondents, visual content is their main source of content for a business. In the Constant Contact study, more than 2.1 million emails were analyzed, and brands that included 1-2 images got the highest open rates.

Choose Your Email Service Provider

It is necessary to choose an email service provider for your B2B needs. Sending marketing emails is impossible without any recipients – these people are what make up your lists. Although many email service providers offer similar functionality, they may not scale the same way as your needs. Make sure to find the best email service provider for your needs. You can get started by using HubSpot’s Free Form Builder Tool.

Send 1 To 5 Emails Per Month

When it comes to email marketing for B2B businesses, frequency is crucial. It is important to send out a sufficient number of emails to your readers in order to keep them interested, and hopefully convert them into clients. In a recent study, it was found that B2B companies agree on a maximum of five emails a month.


Successful B2B email marketing can help you acquire and nurture sales leads. Keeping your emails open is the first step. Next, you need to provide high-quality personalized content for them to click and act on. 

You will have a better chance of succeeding if you follow these 7 best B2B email marketing practices. It will help you determine whether you are engaging your audience enough or not.

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