Best Cool Ideas To Renovate your Bathroom

Bathrooms are often the most neglected spaces of a home. The good news is that it’s never too late to change things. Whether you’re investing in your first home or just looking to spruce up your own, here are six simple ideas for how you can renovate your bathroom:

  1. Hire an industrial designer to remodel your space and make it match with the rest of the house. Often people do not consider hiring a proper designer, But believe me doing so will give you the best bathroom in the budget. 
  2. Fix any water damage by cutting out affected drywall, replacing it with new pieces, and painting over any imperfections. Then make sure that everything is waterproofed with a sealant or other protective material. Waterproofing is necessary in the bathroom as like other rooms and the whole house. Most of the time due to improper steps leakage happens from the bathroom.
  3. Call a company that specialises in bathroom renovation and remodelling to help you choose the right fixtures, flooring, Bathroom taps and accessories. You can also check many bathroom taps manufacturers to get an idea of the tap you want to use. 
  4. Research different types of tile and determine how many countertop materials work best in your bathroom. Then install them one at a time before deciding what look you like best.
  5. Consider adding a spa-style bath to your home instead of installing an entirely new one. You can try adding this feature to an existing room or create a completely new space for bathing. Either way, it’s a cost-effective way to improve your bathroom. You can also consider attaching a hand shower. If you are living in Delhi then you can choose a variety from the hand shower manufacturers in Delhi.
  6. When it comes to remodelling your bathroom, you have many options to choose from. While some people might prefer a drastic change for their home, others are content with just replacing an existing fixture or adding a new one. Taking these small steps today will help you create a luxurious space that showcases your style.

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Common toilet and sink fixtures you can choose from : 

Bathroom Sinks : Bathroom sinks come in many shapes and sizes. They’re usually one of three types: single bowl, integral bowl, or vessel sink. Single bowl sinks are the most common type of sink in the world. They are often installed as pedestal sinks with matching under-counter cabinets for storage such as soap bottles, toilet paper rolls, toothpaste tubes and more. Integral bowls are installed where they meet the wall which gives you more space on your counter tops and below your sink for items like towels or laundry baskets for example. Vessel sinks are very popular and so are pedestal sinks with a vessel installed above it.

Toilets : Toilets come in different styles with different features. Some toilets are designed just to flush away solid waste such as faeces and so on while other toilets can also flush liquids like urine without clogging up the pipes. There is also a type of water saving toilet which uses less than a gallon of water per flush and helps to save on water and energy. Before choosing a toilet, you should consider the colour and style that will match the rest of your bathroom.

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