Fully Automatic Flexo Printer Slotter Machine

You might have seen an abundance of machines in the factories; sharper machines, lathe machines, drilling machines, etc. When there is a requirement for printing big size boxes, then we require a machine that does this effectively. 

What is a Flexo Printer Slotter Machine?

A fully Automatic Flexo Printer Slotter Machine is one such machine that is capable of printing big-sized boxes in an efficient manner. Also, the automatic feature makes it simple to use. 

This article will deal with the Flexo Printer slotter machine; its features and its main parts. 

Features of the Flexo Printer Slotter Machine:

  • Stable Transmission: 

The Flexo Printer Slotter Machine is designed with perfection with The Lead Feeder as well as the vacuum absorption and rows dislocation mechanism. Thus, it enables stable transmission of the cardboard.

  • Precision:

The Machine features a Rubber roller surface, combined with the double glue mechanization, and low-pressure transmission regulating the whole absorption of vacuum. 

The Anilox Roller Printing quality is enhanced with the help of Servo Phase adjustment. Besides, the Die-cutting roller guarantees the Paperboard line transmission precision. 

  • Efficiency:

The automatic adjustment, Patent feeding width, and Printing locking device with screw make Flexo Printer Slotter Machine efficient. The efficiency of the Machine is further enhanced with the 4.0 engineering mechanism of industrialization. Moreover, it is notable that high-efficiency tools are utilized to charge the hardware and the software. 

  • Service:

Flexo Printer Slotter Machine is based on the use of PDM structure and absolute technical support file. Thus, it is a credible commitment to the customers offering continual and after-service as well. 

Also, it has wide-range control with the internet that allows monitoring the machine in the International office. 

The Feeding Department of the Machine:

  • The Servo Motor drive, with high precision.
  1. The Servo Motor, in the Feeding Department of the Machine, drives the Roller-type front feed. 
  2. It features the Installation of an anti-static device. 

The Dust Removal Department of the Machine:

  1. The configuration of the Dust Removal Department is effective for high-precision Printing. 
  2. There are 8 groups of brushes to dust the surface. 
  3. The sticky roller makes the field effect of Printing defect-free. 

The Slotting Unit of the Machine:

  1. The slotting unit adjusts the height of the box to be printed, also preventing the lubricating oil from spilling over the cardboard. 
  2. The Creasing roll has been covered with an Anvil ring to protect the cardboard from harm. 
  3. Motor and PLC control the Slotting Register as well as the height of the box. 

The Die Cutting Unit of the Machine:

  1. The Die Cutting Unit of the Machine is designed with a separate Servo Motor. 
  2. The transverse movement of the die-drum can elongate the service of the Anvil cover. 
  3. Motor and PLC are there to digitally control the die-cutting register. 
  4. It has motorized caliper adjustment amid die-drum and Anvil roller. 
  5. Independent motors control the auto-speed compensation system, helping to acquire accuracy. 
  6. Anvil Trimmer keeps the surface of the Anvil covers smooth. 


Therefore, the fully Automatic Flexo Printer Slotter Machine fulfills your requirements of printing the big boxes in an efficient manner. 

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