Home Decor Ideas for a White Christmas

If you’ve been dreaming about Christmas and it’s finally around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for the decor. There are so many themes to enjoy during the holiday season. Yet, the all-white Christmas option is one of the most beloved decor themes. It’s time to toss the all-white pumpkins and pull out the all-white Christmas cookies. Consider the following ideas when you’re ready to decorate your home with an all-white Christmas theme.

  1. White Dining Room Table Setting

If you have a dining room table that’s in a separate dining room, it’s not uncommon to only use it for special occasions and large dinners. However, during the holidays, go ahead and decorate it at the start of the season. Consider using a white tablecloth to remain in line with the white theme. 

If you’re afraid of getting the white tablecloth extremely dirty, skip the tablecloth and make the other features white. Create a stunning centerpiece with white flowers and other greenery. Look for white ornaments, and place them in a large clear vase or bowl. 

For an added effect, place a string of battery-operate white lights in the bowl. Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, the illuminated centerpiece will give the room extra sparkle.

  1. White Stockings

Typically, people love the classic red and white stockings that are synonymous with Santa Claus. Break out of the norm, and look for all-white stockings instead. Look for all-white stockings in various textures as well. Some beautiful options include velvet, sequined and knitted options. When they’re perfectly hung over a fireplace, they’ll add the all-white theme very well. If you want to break up the all-white look, add some greenery to the look.

  1. White Tree with Ornaments

An all-white tree is one of the easiest ways to make an impact at Christmastime. All-white trees continue to grow in popularity. You can always get a classic green tree if you don’t want to do an all-white tree. Just add all-white ornaments and decorations to provide the all-white appeal. 

Look for a plush white skirt that matches the tree. Wrap the tree in white lights to illuminate the lovely classic Christmas ornaments. White tinsel and popcorn garland are fun additions to consider when you’re building an all-white tree.

  1. White Nativity/Gingerbread Scenes

Many people love to collect the beautiful statues that make up a Nativity scene. The same sentiment applies to a good gingerbread house. Stay focused on the theme by becoming creative with how you create a gingerbread house. It’s okay to keep the gingerbread house brown. Add lots of edible snow on top and around the house. You can opt to cover the entire house in white frosting to create a look. Consider building a small community of gingerbread houses for a cute decorative feature. Display it in a large cloche to preserve it.

  1. White Candles

While it’s really nice to see all of the beautiful outdoor lights and arrangements people create, it’s okay if you don’t want to stand outside in the cold to create the light displays. You can still make an impact from the warmth of your home by setting up white candles in the windows. 

Purchase all-white candles that are battery-powered. Set them up in each window of your home. At night, the look provides such an elegant appeal. It’s festive, and it also stays in line with the theme. In addition to placing those candles on each windowsill, consider placing them throughout the interior. 

Whether you’re creating a small arrangement on top of the piano, the coffee table or the bathroom sink, white candles can truly elevate a look. Depending on the amount of traffic a certain area gets, consider using real candles that you can light when you’re in said room.

Remember to be strategic as you prepare your Christmas decor. Sometimes, placing a stark white item on top of another stark white item can look a little harsh. Don’t be afraid to add a few accents that aren’t necessarily white. Whether you choose gold, matte black or silver, find ways to accent the look, so it enhances the all-white theme. Even natural elements such as wood and greenery can do wonders in making an all-white theme come to life.


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