How To Get the Most Out of Your Apple Device: Top Tips and Tricks

When you buy something as wonderful as an Apple device, you want it to be the best it can be. This means knowing what your device can do, figuring out how to make it do more, and getting the most from your new gadget. The iPhone, iPod and iPad are some of the most popular devices around, but there’s a reason for that. They have so many uses and such great functionality that they are some of the best devices available on the market. From listening to music to calling people or browsing the Internet – these things all come in one device that is also a camera, a video player and much more besides! But how can you get even more out of your Apple device? Here are our top tips and tricks for making sure you get the most out of yours:

Software Updates

You might think of your device as being set in stone and that you’re not able to change it – but you actually can! While the devices are great, Apple is constantly working to improve them. They’ll regularly release software updates that you can download and install onto your device, improving its functionality and adding more features. You’ll find these updates applicable across all Apple devices, so if you have an iPhone, an iPad and an iPod touch, you’ll be able to make changes to all three of these devices with each software update. It’s worth keeping an eye out for these software updates and downloading and installing them as soon as they’re available.

Hook Up To A Speaker Or Headphones

If you’ve got an Apple device, you’ll have noticed it doesn’t come with a headphone jack – so where do you plug in your headphones? The good news is, you can use almost any pair of headphones with your Apple device. If the headphones don’t have a microphone and you want to record audio, you can get a simple adapter from Apple. If you want to get the best sound out of your device, you can plug it into a speaker. You can also, of course, plug in headphones – although remember you can change the volume and other settings by tapping the side of the device. This means you don’t have to fish your headphones out of your bag and fiddle with them every time you want to adjust the volume.

Find The Best Apps For You

There are all kinds of apps you can download onto your Apple device, and the best one for you depends on what you use your device for. If you love listening to music, then it’s worth downloading a music streaming apps like Apple Music or Spotify. If you’re a big social media user, then you’ll be able to use the integrated apps, or you can install one like Instagram or Twitter. If you like to keep track of fitness, there are a lot of great apps for that too. If you have young children, you might want to look at apps like YouTube Kids, which have been designed to be safer and more child friendly. There are also educational apps for babies and toddlers that can help them with their development, like Peekaboo Barn and Animal Bingo.

Lock Screen and Button Shortcuts

The lock screen is the screen you see when you first turn on your Apple device. By default, this will be the camera. However, you can change this to something else, like a photo or a slideshow of pictures. Alternatively, you can choose a different camera mode or a different app. You can also change the way the volume and other buttons work on your device. You can do this by going through the settings menu and finding the button shortcuts menu. Here, you can select which app you want each button to open. If you’re constantly changing apps and find yourself having to hit the home button and then select the app again, you can change this setting and make the process quicker.

Stay Organised With Calendar Events

The calendar app that comes with your Apple device is really useful and great for organising your life. You can add events from your phone, computer or another device that’s logged into the same account. If you’re out and about, you can also add an event to your calendar straight from the lock screen by hitting the button with the calendar on it. Doing this will bring up a screen where you can add an event, as well as swipe through and see events that are coming up in the future too. You can also set up reminders on the device, so if you have something that you need to remember or do, you can add a reminder straight from your device.

Go Beyond The iPad: Turn It Into A Computer

If you’ve got an iPad, you’re probably aware that you can use it to browse the Internet, check your social media and more. However, you can also make it a fully-fledged computer. You can install apps that allow you to do word processing, spreadsheet creation and more. You can even go as far as downloading a fully-fledged version of Microsoft Office if you want to. You can also use a wireless keyboard with your iPad to make typing much easier. You can even use your iPad as a second screen if you have a computer that supports it. By connecting the two devices via a WiFi network, you can use your iPad as a second screen so you can have a keyboard and mouse at the same time as having your computer screen in front of you too.


Whatever device you have, it’s worth getting to know it and making the most out of it. You may have spent a fair amount of money on it, but it’s worth making sure you get the best use out of it for as long as possible. These top tips and tricks will help you do just that. From keeping your device updated with the latest software, to finding out how you can make the most out of your apps, turning your iPad into a computer and more, these top tips will help you get the most out of your Apple device.

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