HP Laptop Plugged In Not Charging: 4 Easy Methods To Fix

I know it is an extremely terrible situation when your HP laptop is plugged in but not charging. As it simply means, you cannot use your laptop without unplugging your charger. So the question is, how to fix the hp laptop battery plugged-in not charging issue?

Well, there are quite a lot of reasons why you might be facing the issue. Maybe your HP battery cannot hold power anymore, maybe it is a problem with the laptop software or maybe the main culprit is some driver glitch.

However, no matter what the reason is. I will help you to troubleshoot the issue and help you to fix the hp laptop plugged in not the charging issue. There is also a possibility that your laptop is faulty or the motherboard of your laptop is no more able to repair in this case you might get a new laptop. So, if you are within the budget check out the best laptops under 600.

So here we go:

How To Fix HP Laptop Plugged In But Not Charging Issue?

Method 1: Reinstall Driver

One of the first things that you can try out is to reinstall the battery driver and check if it has fixed the hp laptop plugged in but not charging or not.

For this, you will need to follow these steps:

1. At first, click on the start button.

2. Then type down Device Manager and open it.

why is my hp laptop plugged in but not charging

3. From the Device Manager, look for batteries and expand it by clicking on the + symbol from the left.

4. Now, right click on “Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery” and select uninstall. This will uninstall the existing battery drive. As well as the driver will get reinstalled automatically when you restart your HP laptop again.

5. After uninstalling the driver, shut down your laptop and remove the laptop battery and unplug the power adapter. If your laptop is using an irremovable battery, then leave your laptop for a few seconds.

6.  Then do press and hold down the power button for a minute.

7. After that, put the battery back and connect the power adapter and start your laptop.

8. Finally, check if you are getting the “Plugged In Charging” message on the battery icon or not.

Method 2: Check Your Battery

There is also a high chance that the HP battery laptop has been damaged and it needs to be replaced. For this, you can use the HP Support Assistant to run a battery check on your laptop.

To get started with HP Support assistant, do follow these steps:

1. At first, download and install the HP Support Assistant tool on your HP laptop.

2. Then, do run a battery check in HP support assistant.

3. In case if it the health of the battery shows replace, then you better be planning to get a new battery for your laptop.

Method 3: Power reset your laptop

laptop plugged in not charging hp

The next thing you can try to fix the HP laptop plugged in not charging, is to power reset your laptop. A power reset clears your laptop memory. As a result, there is a chance that it might fix the battery issue on your HP laptop.

To power reset your HP laptop, follow these steps:

1. At first, turn off your laptop.

2. Now, if your laptop battery is removable, then remove it.

3. Also, disconnect the power cable from your laptop.

4. Now press and hold down the power button of your laptop for 15 seconds and then release it.

6. Insert the laptop battery and connect the power cable.

7. After that, turn on your laptop and check the status of your laptop battery.

Method 4: Try Using Another Power Cable

hp laptop battery plugged in not charging

In case if the above methods did not work for you, then the main culprit can be the power cable you are using. Or the issue might be with your power source you have plugged your charger in.

So the first thing that I would recommend you to do is change the power source that you are using to charge your laptop. You can try plugging your laptop into some other socket. Or you can hop to your friends or neighbor’s house to confirm if the issue is with the power cable.

Also, you can try using some other power cable to charge your laptop and check if it has fixed the HP laptop plugged in, not charging issue or not. Do check if your friends or neighbors have a similar power cable or not.

If they do, simply use it to charge your laptop. Or you can go to some laptop store and check your laptop checked over there.

Final Words:

So those were a couple of methods to fix the HP laptop plugged in not charging issue. So go ahead and check the method out and see if they are in help or not.

Also, if there is anything you would like to ask, then do feel free to drop a comment below. And I will surely help you out.

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