Jst equivalent connector

“JST Connection” is either shorthand for a connector manufacturer called Japan Solderless Terminal, or a vernacular word for a range of different sorts of wire-to-board connectors, which either are or resemble 

designs from Japan Solderless Terminal.

In the vernacular meaning, precisely which type of connector is being referred to depends on who is using the term and in what context. On this page, I’ll cover the most popular connections from Japan Solderless Terminal. Many of which are referred to as “JST Connectors” in various areas.

XH (2.5mm pitch)

This variant of the PH connector features a pitch of 2.5 millimeters, somewhat larger contacts, and an entirely new contact design. It is significantly larger than the standard PH connector. Once more, the vast majority of these components are present in inexpensive consumer gadgets. This family has an unusual one-position header and receptacle, which is a quality that I look for in a jst equivalent connectors family and one that I particularly enjoy seeing.

Although I don’t make frequent use of these, one benefit they offer is increased height. The finished product is noticeably more svelte than the profile of any other sort of connector that I employ. If the pitch were only 2.54 millimeters, I would use them a lot more often. It’s a shame the pitch isn’t that.

PA/XA (2.0mm / 2.5mm pitch)

Similar to the PH/XH, but less common. Typically present in consumer devices (such as Japanese brand LCD televisions) that must pass well in HALT testing.

Unlike their PH/XH counterparts, they have a more secure latch mechanism. It’s a little surprising that they don’t use the same contacts as PH/XH. PA communicates with the PHDs regularly.

VH (3.96mm pitch)

In high-voltage and high-current applications, the VH type of JST connector features positive latching and is typically employed. The most common area to locate power supply connectors is in Japanese-brand appliances.

FAQs about JST equivalent connector

How does a JST connector work?

With two pairs of wings wrapping around and gripping the stranded wire, JST Connectors employ a tiny metal crimp terminal. To feed into an industrial machine, you buy a JST Connector Kit, which comes in the form of long strips. Instead of using an adhesive, we’ll use snaps and crimps for this project.

Do JST connectors lock?

J.S.T. Manufacturing Company, Ltd. This connector has a space-saving construction that nonetheless maintains its secure locking capability.

What exactly is the Navy JST?

the Joint Services Transcript (JST) is a document that translates a service member’s education and career history from the military into civilian language. Academic and career counselors can use it as a counseling tool to assist service members and veterans in making decisions about their futures.


 There was so much to see, including a wide range of variations on the USB family, such as USB-A, USB-B, and USB-Micro! These temporary connectors, such as the alligator clip or banana, are useful for testing and prototyping purposes. Lastly, I observed the lumbering giants of the connector family, the power connectors, as they made their way over the terrain in search of new gadgets to supply power.


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