Money Saving Tips Forfor Students In 2022

Inflation rates in the U.S. are crazy right now! As of July 2022, the inflation has gone up 8.5%, however, there is some good news in that. Just a month prior, in June, the inflation rate had gone up 9.1%, so at least it has decreased since then, right? Everything has become so expensive and market-competitive. And it seems to get worse every day, especially if you are a student.

Education is already very expensive. Most students have to take out student loans to be able to continue their studies. According to a survey, about 30% of undergraduates and 66% of graduates borrow federal loans. Paying off these loans is another hassle, but you don’t really have other options. Additionally, you need to think about your future and set aside some money for saving up. 

If you are wondering how you can manage saving up as a student, you will find some tips here that will be helpful to you in the long run. From budgeting to affordable internet bundles like TDS bundle packages, we will be giving you some easy tips anyone can follow and apply, so keep reading! 

  • Rent or buy Buy textbooks Textbooks 

You might need some textbooks during your studies that you might not find in the library or online. In that case, you should try renting or buying used and second-hand books to do the trick. Most students who have passed that particular course or subject won’t need the books anymore and sell them or lend them to other students for a little fee. Purchasing or renting from them is definitely more cost-friendly friendlier than getting a brand-new one.

Of course, your first option should always be to search the library or check online. And then, you should see if you can borrow from someone for a short while and without any fee, otherwise, you should just pay a little amount and buy or rent from them.

  • Restrain yourself Yourself from impulse Impulse purchasesPurchases

Impulse purchases are inevitable for everyone. There is always bound to be something that is your weakness that you end up splurging on. While there is nothing wrong with that, you should still try to curb that habit. Since your goal is saving up, just think of buying only the basics and necessities, but otherwise, don’t get anything else.

One way to do this is by limiting yourself to only one or two purchases for the entire month. This way, you can also identify which item or service is worth it or not. 

  • Avoid shopping Shopping when When hungryHungry

If you’ve ever been shopping when you’re hungry, you know why we’ve added this. Shopping when you’re hungry is always a recipe for disaster. You crave anything and everything and put everything in the cart. At the time, it might not even seem to be a big purchase, but it does end up being a waste of money.

  • Avoid eating Eating Oout unless Unless absolutely Absolutely necessaryNecessary

Eating out is always going to cost you too much. Everything is over-priced, even if it’s just plain food you can make at home. Usually, when you do eat out too, you don’t just order one thing, you might order more than one dish and that is definitely not going to be easy on your wallet. So, try to limit going and eating out. Save it for special occasions only.

  • Look for reasonable Reasonable cable Cable and internet Internet Ppackages

Internet and cable TV can cost you quite a lot. If you are not careful, you could be overcharged for it too. Try to look for a reliable ISP with a lot of good reviews and one that offers you a good deal as well. Don’t just go for any cheap no-name ISP just because they don’t charge you a lot. 

An example of a good ISP with a solid reputation is TDS. TDS internet deals are definitely worth a look with their reasonable prices and awesome features. What’s more, is that you get exactly what you pay for!

  • Take Ccare of the Bbilling

Pay off your bills right away. The more you delay paying off the bill, the more you get charged extra for late payments. You might also just use up the money on some other things and then have trouble paying the bill. So, you should prioritize the bill payment over anything else.



These tips will not guarantee a big amount of saving every time you act upon them. All of them amount to a little individually but when you combine them all, it is a significant amount. Keep going and you will be surprised by how much you have saved up in a short amount of time. As we said that everything takes time and so, trust the process and take your time to save!

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