The Ultimate Juice for Those Who Love Delta-8 

Vaping is a common practice of consuming cannabis products. It can facilitate the quickest effect by getting the product into the bloodstream as quickly as possible. Delta-8 is one of the most trending cannabis products being vaped among all products. It is an intoxicatingly psychoactive cannabinoid with effects similar to delta-9 THC and can help you manage and treat chronic pain. 

Among all varieties in the market, some vaping brands may stand out for their high quality, power, and ingredient content. At the same time, others might not come up to your expectations. Hence, picking the correct vape juice for the best effects is vital. 

This article will review one of the best vape juice brands available in the market and help you select the one best suited to your needs. 

1. CBD Genesis

It is an excellent option if you want to try out the premium quality of D8 vape juice. CBD Genesis flavor profiles for the Delta 8 carts are spot on, with fantastic taste and choices. 

CBD Genesis offers Delta-8 vape juice made with pure and potent delta 8 distillate. This high-quality e-liquid has a bursting flavor and can give you classic euphoric sensations. It is available in a 100 ml pack and contains zero Delta 9 THC. 

2. Delta Extract

Delta Extrax is another well-known D8 firm with a solid track record. Their Delta 8 vape juice packs a punch, as the name implies, with 1000 mg of Delta 8 THC in every 1 ml. All their carts are available in various flavors, and everything they make is all-natural, and third-party lab-tested. 

Delta Extrax is praised for the outstanding quality of its products. The cartridges are incredibly well built and have fantastic flavor and juice quality.

3. BudPop

It is another excellent brand that produces all-natural, non-GMO Delta 8 vape juices. BudPop, like Exhale, is third-party lab tested, and its quality control is unrivaled. 

They have a durable cartridge design and fast and easy shipping. Also, BudPop’s flavor profiles are developed from organic, plant-derived terpenes, giving its Delta 8 vape juice a pleasing natural flavor profile.

4. Diamond CBD

Their Delta 8 vape liquids are high in quality and consistency and come in various tastes. Significantly, they have disposable carts as well as reusable vape pens. Also, this brand’s potency and flavor are appreciated, as is the quick shipping. 

One exciting feature is that you may earn reward points with each purchase, which you can redeem for discounts and special promotions. You can also get $40 off for each friend you suggest who makes a purchase. 

5. Moonwalker

Moonwlkr’s Delta 8 E-liquids have a devoted fan base. People who like this brand consistently sing its praises. Like many other top companies, it provides a high-quality product with delectable, unusual flavors and a quality experience for its customers. Its product range contains Delta 8 THC concentrate solely, and its purity has gained them a devoted fanbase. However, they don’t have the most comprehensive selection compared to other retail businesses.  

6. Exhale

Exhale produces all-natural, full-spectrum Delta 8 THC vape liquids with great flavor and quality at a fair price, especially if you join their email list. Their Delta 8 vape juice is lab tested and approved. Their delivery and packaging are also excellent. 

Exhale is known for the high quality of its goods, friendly customer service and visually appealing and user-friendly website. 

7. 3Chi

The individuals at 3Chi are in the business of providing the most excellent quality Delta 8 vape juice, as recommended in many Reddit discussions. It focuses on developing a curated assortment of high-quality concentrates to match your demands with a wide range of flavors and products. The product and the website have a slick and minimalist appearance that gives off a more high-brow vibe. 

While Pineapple Express is their most popular E-liquid, they also have the Comfortably Numb Cartridge for a smoother and more subtle experience. 

8. Secret Nature

If you want the best and don’t mind paying a premium, Secret Nature’s Delta 8 E-liquids are up your alley. There are only a few strains available for ordinary battery vape pen cartridges. However, Delta 8 vape juice is made with only high-quality ingredients. Overall, their website is well-designed and straightforward and strives to appeal to discerning customers.  

9. Blue Moon Hemp

Although Blue Moon Hemp isn’t the most expensive of companies, they offer five solid Delta 8 vape juice carts at a reasonable price. Classic flavors like Grape Ape and Strawnana are included, as well as the more unusual Magic Melon. It is an attractive option for someone seeking a high-quality brand that won’t overwhelm you with many alternatives and aggressive marketing.  


Finding high-quality delta-8 vape liquids that both work and taste well is not an easy task. But with the nine deltas and 8 vape juice brands mentioned above, you can easily select the one best suited to your needs. If you would like to try other brands, remember to take the time to review their third-party lab-test findings to confirm their standards. 

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