Tips To become a Certified Scrum Master

Scrum is a well-known framework accepted worldwide, which aims to help teams collaborate. A certified scrum master is a leader who is in the responsibility of managing the project, while also providing direction to the team as well as the project manager and making sure that the team follows to agile values and best practices.

Scrum is rapidly gaining momentum because it can help improve productivity in various organization. CSM training can enhance your career by building more confidence in implementing the Scrum framework across organizations. CSM certification courses prepare candidates for the critical job of Scrum Master in Scrum teams, where Scrum is recognized as the most used agile framework.


How do you become a Certified Scrum Master?


If you want to produce and deliver products that have the greatest value it is essential to inspire your team members to produce products within the shortest amount of time as well as with a rapid adaption to change. Being a Certified Scrum Master is not difficult. The first step to earn the certification is to complete an CSM certification course with an accredited trainer such as Knowlathon. This course will help you understand the scrum framework and the steps to become a scrum master. Once you’ve finished the training, you will need to take an online exam and, if you pass, you’ll earn the CSM certificate.


You can follow the easy steps below to be certified Scrum Master. 

Step 1: Learn the Scrum Basics To become a successful Scrum Master, understanding and familiarizing with the principles of Agile and the Scrum framework is critical. Consider joining Knowlathon which allows you to get more information on the Agile the Manifesto, and also go through the educational series offered from Scrum Alliance to help you to become more knowledgeable about Scrum’s fundamental principles, practices and beliefs.


Step 2: Select the right certification The best way to become a Scrum Master is by registering for an approved certification program offered by an accredited institute such as Knowlathon. They have experts who will help you get familiar to Agile, Scrum and the different roles and requirements to be an Scrum master. Acquiring a certification from a recognized institute is a necessary step toward becoming a Scrum Master.


Step 3: Take a Scrum Course. You need to be enrolled in an official scrum course. The course will be taught by certified Scrum trainers (CSTs). You can follow an easy and hassle-free approach to registering with Knowlathon which is a renowned training institution. The CSM training course offered by Knowlathon can also be recognized as are the instructors who have a lot of knowledge of teaching Scrum concepts.


With Knowlathon you can get 24/7 support for learners to assist you in resolving your issue in the shortest amount of time.


Step 4: Sign up Your Scrum Master Exam After completing the required study hours, you can take the Scrum Master exam. Knowlathon offers two days of CSM certification course after which you can sit in the exam. You can register your name for the exam, and Knowlathon will send you a link to create login credentials for your exam. Knowlathon will also assist applicants to sign up for the Scrum Master exam.


Step 5: Learn for Scrum Master Exam. You will need to keep studying until the day of your test. It’s also worth looking through other Scrum materials in Scrum webinars. These exercises will ensure you’re prepared for the exam and allow you to successfully pass this Scrum Master Exam on your first try.This exam focuses mainly on the main Scrum principles and practices, which include project management skills, team-building exercises, release planning, progress reporting, along with scalability of the projects. You may also be asked questions about the Scrum concept, the history and assessment of the Scrum framework.


Step 6 : Take the Exam Prepare yourself to sit the exam. This exam for CSM certification is administered and conducted by the Scrum Alliance and is of advanced level. It is comprised of 50 multiple-choice types of questions with an max score of fifty marks. To be able to pass the exam, you need be able to achieve a minimum score of 37 marks in one-hour duration. If you pass the test you will receive a PDF copy that demonstrates your Scrum Master certification by email and will be officially certifying that you are an official Scrum Master.


Step 7: Renewal Your Certificate every two years Scrum Master certificates have the expiration date of 2 years. Suppose you want to remain a recognized Scrum Master. In that case you will need to renew your certificate two years, by paying an fee and re-educating yourself with any significant modifications. You also have to earn a certain amount of Scrum Education Units (SEUs) so as to ensure validation of your participation and continued proficiency in the fundamental principles of Scrum. 

 CSM Certification Cost

 CSM Training costs from Knowlathon ranges from 22,500 and Rs 27,500 that includes exam costs. If you are not able to get through passing the exam on the first attempt, you may take a second chance within 60 days and without any additional cost. CSM certification is well worth the cost, since this certification is easier than being a project manager. You will gain skills that are very valuable and will lead you to achieve a higher salary.

Additionally, you will have the ability to grow your career quickly by obtaining CSM certification since you will be able to demonstrate your strong leadership and management abilities to an company.


Skills acquired during CSM Certification 

Training Being a Scrum master requires commitment and dedication to learning. There are numerous benefits to becoming an CSM certified candidate, which can help to expand your opportunities in the field. You will also gain the following skills during your CSM Training.


* Scrum and Agile Training: This program gives you a better understanding of basic terms, phrases and systems that have to be understood in order to implement Scrum methods.  As a certified Scrum master, you will also know about the different scrum practices that need to be followed by an organization. You’ll be responsible to have a huge impact on the performance of the team as well as the project.


  • Technical Knowledge: CSM Certification Training will make you familiar with all the technical aspects related to software development. It also helps in the creation of programs with the least amount of difficulty. It assists you in understanding technical terms and also teaches you through the steps and tools that can assist you in your role as an Scrum master.


* Teaching Skills: Excellent teaching abilities that are acquired during CSM training can help you guide your tech teams who have less experience in Scrum processes. As Scrum master Scrum Master, you are aware of how to proceed and be coach who will guide team members and inspire the team members to build their strengths. As a leader you will be able to work with all team members and increase the potential for your entire team.


* Handling conflicts: In an organization, Teams get into conflicts and management does not know how to manage the situation. As a skilled Scrum Master, you’ll be able to solve every conflict effectively and efficiently, you will become a strong negotiator and will always be present to provide a helping hand to your team members. Additionally, you will develop the necessary interpersonal skills to manage all disagreements and come up with the most appropriate and satisfying solution for each team member.


* Leadership Skills: The certified Scrum Masters can act as an integral member within the teams and have faith in the needs of the group than individual needs. You will become a ‘servant leader’ and will know the ways to support the product owner.


Prior to attending the CSM Certificate Training Course, before you go to an CSM training course, you should get yourself acquainted with Scrum concepts and the technical aspects. The course begins with a quick test to establish if you’re well-prepared to go through the CSM training course.

You must finish all of the Scrum Foundation Learning series, which includes a collection of instructional videos that in introducing you to Scrum Theory, Roles, Scrum Events, and Artifacts.


Additionally, you must learn about the Agile method of working. The completion of these prerequisites is essential of achieving success in the CSM Certification training course.


More About Certified Scrum Master Exam 

The CSM is an online exam comprising of 50 MCQs. Pass this test by answering the correct 37 of the questions in the 60-minute limitation.

It is only possible to take this test once you’ve successfully completed the CSM Certification Education Course. The Scrum alliance allows you to take the test with two attempts. If you’re not successful in passing the test on the second attempt it is possible to request further attempts, paying the fee. While CSM Certification Training Course provides you with ample knowledge and tools required to pass this exam, it is advisable to spend additional time reviewing the course materials. The subsequent research will guarantee the highest quality of results possible for your CSM test. If you’re looking to bring your team to the next level and would like to progress within your profession, this is the right time to join hands with Knowlathon and become a certified Scrum Master.

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