What is Helium Mining and How You Can Be a Part of It

Members on the Helium Network earn (HNT) by mining and expanding coverage for The People’s Network with consistent Hotspots. Hotspot miners can make HNT in two ways;

Proof of Coverage and Relay Device Information.

Proof of coverage are assigned to network randomly and automatically and NHT is earned by passing a test.

On the Helium website, you can learn more about the mechanics Moreover, Hotspots earn HNT for transferring device data covering the network. You will   make more money. And you can find more details on the Helium website. External factors include, the number of hotspots nearby the locality and the solidity of hotspots. So, it is necessary to decide a suitable place for helium miner and there are many other things to be consider while placing a miners.

You should do;

The first one is to place the hotspot in high place. If you live in apartments and complex area, try to place hotspot on top floor of building because helium easily catch the signals and you enjoy the proper network.

Clear the obstacles like, trees and other things it is important because the device easily catch the signals.

Try to put the antenna outside the window. If you install the antenna in house, user may face difficulty in buffering signals.

Not recommended places;

Walls and windows can blocked your signals. Avoid to put it on basements and Long cable length wire can severely affect antenna execution.

Hotspots should not be too close to one another. It’s best to provide a minimum distance of 300 to 500 meters. You typically encounter a more substantial density in cities and a weaker density in rural environments because there is a lack of signals.

Avoid using windows that have any coatings or double-glazed windows because it can week the signal strength.

If you shift the antenna location like from roof to you backyard, don’t forget to update your helium location on app. If you move your miner more than 500 meters, you will need to claim a new location. You will be charge for this action. If you follow these methods of installation and place your mining rigs wisely, you will find that Helium is still the best application, bringing you considerable rewards. It is the premier investment.  You can choose a miner with a higher antenna configuration. It will raise your payback income.

Earn HNT cryptocurrency;

For mining a heavy network connection is required and this network is by helium. It provides a wireless network. People’s Network is powered by the Helium Blockchain and LongFi technologies, which are an incentive and best model. You can also earn new crypto currency. It provides out side and inside hotspot miners.


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