What Is the Best Way to Use CBD Before Running? 

If you’re a seasoned athlete or fitness junkie, the chances are that you’re always running around for the most effective workout supplements.  

As you may already know, the efficacy of fitness supplements mainly comes down to their ability to improve endurance while mitigating various adverse effects of workouts, such as pain and inflammation. Unfortunately, only a handful of ingredients deliver on both fronts. One such substance is CBD.  

This article explains how to use CBD before embarking on your running routines.   

What Is CBD? 

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural compound in cannabis that contains powerful medicinal properties. It is effective against many ailments, including issues that fitness buffs commonly face.  

CBD is more commonly used in medical than recreational marijuana products. It’s not only due to the compound’s multiple health benefits. But also because it doesn’t contain psychoactive properties.  

Unlike its other famous cousin, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD won’t get you high. 

Tips and Ways to Using CBD Before Running 

 1. Select the Right Product

There are plenty of cannabidiol goods that you can use to supercharge your workouts. They include CBD oils, oral tinctures, hemp pre-rolls, vape juices, CBD edibles, and CBD topicals.  

All CBD-infused products are effective at delivering cannabidiol to your bloodstream. However, these formulations may differ fundamentally in their onset time and overall effects on the body.  

For instance, CBD edibles are incredible if looking to enjoy cannabidiol’s workout benefits for much longer. That’s because edible goods can last in the system for up to 72 hours after the last dosage. However, CBD edibles tend to produce slow-acting effects. These products can take up to three hours to enter the bloodstream.  

Cannabidiol tinctures, hemp pre-rolls, and CBD vape juices would serve you better if onset time is your priority. The effects of consuming CBD by any of these methods can often be felt in as little as 10 minutes. But unlike edibles, CBD tinctures, vape oils, and pre-rolls usually produce short-lasting effects.  

If you’re into vaping, it’s reassuring to know that there are numerous CBD vape products to experiment with. Examples include CBD vape pen, CBD vape mod, CBD cigalike, CBD wax concentrate, etc. 

Lastly, topicals are ideal for users who do not want to introduce cannabidiol fully into their system. CBD topicals are also suitable for treating localized problems, such as muscle sprain and joint inflammation. 

 2. Start Consuming CBD the Night Before

It may sound counterintuitive that we recommend taking cannabidiol the night before, mainly if your workout routines occur during the day. However, administering CBD before bed can go a long way in optimizing your running.  

Cannabidiol can improve sleep quality, and adequate sleep is one of the critical ingredients for successful workouts.  

CBD promotes better sleep by reducing the duration of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. REM sleep is the most exciting sleep phase as it’s when much of the dreaming takes place. Dreams aren’t inherently bad. But they can interrupt your sleep, mainly if they manifest as nightmares. CBD may also boost sleep quality by treating various disorders associated with sleeplessness. Examples include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sleep apnea, and REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) 

Since you’re administering cannabidiol several hours before your actual running routine, your best bet is to consider CBD edibles.   

 3. Add CBD to Your Breakfast

You’ve now had a good night’s sleep, thanks to cannabidiol. But what next? Should you wait till evening for your next dose?  

Not really. Unless your running schedule begins just after waking up, it would be best to integrate cannabidiol into your breakfast. You can do that by adding CBD oil to your cup of tea or coffee. You might also consider consuming CBD-infused baked goods, including cookies and bread rolls.  

Consuming cannabidiol products for breakfast can help soothe stress and anxiety. It might consequently improve your concentration, thereby maximizing your workouts.  

CBD reduces performance anxiety by inhibiting the stress hormone cortisol. The compound may also produce antianxiety benefits by improving the signaling of happiness-inducing neurotransmitters, such as serotonin. 

 4. Take CBD While Running

There are plenty of reasons to take cannabidiol during your actual running sessions. Most notably, the compound can help to mediate workout-induced pain and inflammation.  

CBD treats pain by desensitizing the vanilloid receptors, a class of receptors controlling pain signals’ transmission. The compound eases inflammation by modulating the production of cytokine, a protein that relays inflammatory signals.  

The double threat of analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties not only makes CBD able to increase muscle endurance while running. It also increases the compound’s efficacy against the delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS).  

DOMS is marked by excruciating pain and tenderness, which occurs several hours after strenuous workouts. 

5. Keep Your Doses Low  

It’s ideal for administering cannabidiol at various points during the day. However, it’s imperative to keep your doses low at all times.  

CBD may not get you high. But overdosing on the compound could trigger various adverse effects, ranging from nausea and dry mouth to drowsiness, irritability, and even erectile dysfunction (ED).  

Since CBD has no ideal dosage, your best bet is to start with the lowest serving amounts and build momentum slowly. 


There are multiple benefits to enjoy by adding cannabidiol to your workout routine. If properly administered, CBD can treat nearly all commonly reported workout-induced health problems. Follow the tips mentioned above to consume CBD for optimum output.  

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