10 Exciting Things to Do in Busan | Top Attractions & Activities

The coastal city of Busan, known as the Miami of South Korea, has a fantastic combination of beaches, culture, food, and natural wonders for your perfect getaway. However, you must know the most amazing things to do in Busan if you need more time!

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This article will guide you through experiencing Busan’s top attractions and immersing yourself in the excitement of this underrated destination.

Get ready to read the Busan itinerary packed with city attractions, island day excursions, and ocean adventures that will prove why this place should be on your bucket list!

Top 10 Things to Do in Busan

Busan holds the charm of the old world & the modern age, which makes it the perfect destination for travelers. Let’s catch the exciting things to do in South Korea’s second-largest city:

Swim, Surf & Bask in the Sun at Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach dazzles with over a mile of soft white sand, perfect for swimming, surfing, and working on your tan against the backdrop of the majestic “Baywatch” style Haeundae Grand Hotel. Rent a surfboard and ride the waves like a pro, or relax on a beach mat with snacks from the many food carts.


Avoid the crowds and chaos of the Beach Film Festival and Haeundae Sand Festival celebrations during summer. Perhaps, you can take the Haeundae Beach monorail for stunning views of Busan’s spectacular coastline, the city’s prized beachfront.

Visit the Gamcheon Culture Village

Get swept into Busan’s charming Gamcheon Culture Village, brimming with colorful clustered homes resembling candy pieces staggered along the hillside. Weave through quaint alleys, appreciating street art murals and cute cafes within traditional Korean residences.


Check out the Musical Fountain Square, perfect for photos and people-watching, and the Sky Deck for sweeping district views. It’s no surprise this vibrant community earned the moniker “Machu Picchu of Busan”!

Take a Walk along the Gwangan Bridge

The impressive Gwangan Bridge doubles as a pedestrian-friendly space with scenic walking trails to take extraordinary 180-degree views. Take advantage of the nightly lighting show when the entire structure dazzles in an LED-illuminated multi-colored glow against the night sky.


Stroll across at your own pace for unparalleled vistas of downtown Busan and relax at the indoor lounge, serving artisan coffee and local beer at the midpoint. Experience Busan’s most spectacular sunset views, all for free!

Hike up to the Summit of Mount Hwangnyeongsan

For exhilarating city and ocean escapes, embark on the rewarding 2-hour hike up Mount Hwangnyeongsan, which will take you over 400 meters above sea level. Following wooden stairs and stone pathways, power through scented pine forests before a gorgeous golden Buddha emerges.


From the peak, be enthralled by a 360-degree panorama encompassing the bustling port, nearby islands, and undulating mountain ranges that make the challenging climb worth every step! Remember to buy travel insurance online before taking on this adventurous hike.

Discover the Vibrant Flavors and Culture of Jagalchi Market

At the buzzing Jagalchi Market, join locals in winding through rows of glistening seafood, from scallops to mackerel, sold fresh off the boat after early morning hauls. Try the sought-after gentle Kim sashimi right at the market counters!


Once you’ve ogled an astounding encyclopedia of marine life, head to the outdoor dining section to feast on abalone porridge and grilled fish paired perfectly with makgeolli rice wine as you take in market views.


Uncover Korean History at the Busan Museum

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Get acquainted with Busan’s role in Korean history and culture at this acclaimed four-floor museum. From war relics to artistic treasures, immerse yourself in the country’s past while admiring contemporary architecture with tranquil garden trails out front.


Take advantage of experiencing traditional tea ceremonies and calligraphy classes. Modern interactive exhibits and a vast collection spanning centuries create an educational and engaging pitstop.

Discover the Peaceful Beauty of Beomeosa Temple

Escape the city and rush to Korea’s third largest temple – the 1,300-year-old Beomeosa complex tucked away in lush mountain forests. Wander through courtyards with wisteria vines, try hitting the giant bronze bell for luck, and immerse yourself in tranquility as you traverse the mountain trails behind the numerous pillared halls.


The reason this temple is on the list of exciting things to do in South Korea is simple: this temple has ornate golden artwork, manicured gardens, and unparalleled tranquility. This ancient Buddhist temple guarantees ultimate Instagram backdrops, too!

Take a Day Trip to Seokguram Grotto.

Venture beyond Busan to the UNESCO World Heritage Site housing the eighth-century Seokguram Grotto, considered a masterpiece of Buddhist art. Be awestruck by the ten-foot-tall statue of Buddha carved meticulously into granite, surrounded by a wealth of ceiling motifs and bas-relief images that embody enlightenment.


Hike up the forested plateau, taking in gorgeous South Sea views for an even more ethereal experience at this not-to-be-missed grotto.

Enjoy the Nightlife in Seomyeon.

When night falls, join university students and young professionals flocking to Busan’s vibrant Seomyeon downtown district. Hop between casual taverns and upscale bars on buzzing streets for soju-fuelled merriment.


From karaoke joints to pulsating EDM clubs, sing and dance alongside locals well into dawn! Cap off with steaming hotteok pancakes or tteokbokki rice cakes from midnight snack stalls before heading back.

Plan a Trip to Oedo Island

For requisite tropical vibes, hop over to Oedo Island, just an hour’s ferry ride from Busan’s port. Walk blooming botanical gardens, Instagram whimsical love museums, and giant cat sculptures across this car-free green aisle.


Check out aquatic life, from corals to sharks and penguins, at the Oedo Ocean Odyssey below sea level. Getting to Oedo itself feels like a mini-adventure!

Wrapping Up

We hope this exclusive list of exciting things to do in Busan has helped you. Whether planning a trip to South Korea or anywhere in the world, travel insurance is a vital document, that ensures your safety at every stage of your journey.


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