7 Best Soundbar For PlayStation 5(PS5) In 2023

Gaming on your PlayStation 5 would be a great experience when you pair it with a good soundbar. The clear and loud gaming sounds with your controller haptic feedback will ensure you are having a good time. But when it comes to buying a soundbar for gaming, there are too many options to choose from. So the question is, which is the best soundbar for PS5?

To help you out with this question, I have handpicked a couple of the best soundbars for PlayStation 5. So it would be easy for you to pick the perfect soundbar for gaming.

So let’s quickly go ahead and check out the soundbars:

7 Best Soundbar For PS5

1. Bose Smart Soundbar 900

good soundbar for ps5

We cannot deny the fact that whenever it comes to sound devices, Bose stands out. The same goes with the Bose Smart Soundbar 900. It is the most immersive Bose voice control soundbar that you can find out there.

It comes with custom-engineered, upfiring dipole speakers, which makes the sound come from every direction. So if you are playing games like Call of Duty, you would feel that you are on the battleground. 

Along with that, it comes with Dolby Atmos support. As a result, it lends an extra dimension of height to your sound. Plus, it’s TrueSpace spatial processing analyzes and upmixes sounds and offers you an enveloping listening experience.

On top of that, the speaker comes with a sleek design that not only looks cool but takes less amount of space. 

The USP of the soundbar definitely its built-in voice assistants. It features a noise rejecting microphone that listens carefully to all your commands follows them. Even when the music is playing loudly, the soundbar will not fail to listen to you. Also, there is a button to switch off the microphone.

Apart from using it with your PlayStation 5, you can also enjoy wireless streaming. It supports all the major apps and wireless connectivity options.

What’s more? The speaker is absolutely easy to set up, and it uses a single connection to any TV. Also, you can choose between HDMI eARC connection or optical audio and establish a connection right away. 

2. Sony HT-G700

best dolby atmos soundbar for ps5

If you are looking for something affordable yet best, then consider checking out the Sony HT-G700. This one not only comes with a soundbar, but it is paired with a subwoofer too. As a result, you will enjoy the powerful bass sound.

The soundbar features three front speakers, and it is paired with the unique Sony signal processing vertical audio. As a result, it creates a virtual surround sound that seems to come from all around you. So playing FPS games would be a great experience.

Plus, it comes with a center speaker. This one is dedicated to ensuring that voice sounds can be clearly heard. So when you are playing story based games, this feature would be pretty helpful. Also, when you are watching movies. Plus, it enhances the overall music quality too.

Along with that, it comes with the 3.1ch Dolby Atmos DTS: X and Vertical Surround Engine along with immersive AE that upscale audio close to 7.1.2 for each sound. Plus, you get a clear and accurate sound.

It also comes with multiple sound modes. So you can customize your sound audio output as per your needs. Along with that, it offers you multiple easy connections. So you can connect all your media. Also, you can connect to your TV wirelessly.

What’s more? It also comes with a night mode. This feature optimizes the sound balance. So you can hear everything clearly, even at low volume levels.

3. JBL Bar 9.1

JBL Bar 9.1

Up next, there is the JBL Bar 9.1. This one is also one of the best soundbar for gaming PS5 that you can check out.

The soundbar offers you a fantastic audio experience and brings a movie theater experience into your home. The coolest part of the soundbar is that it features two detachable surround speakers and the added punch of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D sound.

As a result, you can place the soundbar in a way that you can get a surrounding sound feel. Also, with 820 watts of system power, you will enjoy powerful and crystal clear audio.

It also comes with a 10” subwoofer for pulse-pounding bass. Or you can turn it down and enjoy Chromecast and AirPlay music streaming.

JBL Bar 9.1 also offers you a true 3D sound experience that will definitely help you upgrade your gaming sounds. It comes with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and four upfiring speakers designed to bounce sound up to the ceiling back down to you.

The detachable batteries run on batteries. So you can place it anywhere in your room and enjoy a great audio experience. Also, it offers you 10 hours of playback, and you can dock them to the soundbar to recharge.

4. Klipsch Cinema 600 Sound Bar 3.1

best soundbar for playstation 5

Next, there is the Klipsch Cinema 600 Sound Bar 3.1. This one is yet another affordable ye the best soundbar for PS5 that you can have a look at.

This one is a high-fidelity sound system that comes with true left and right speakers. As a result, it is capable of creating a cinematic soundstage.

Also, it features a dedicated center channel with dialog enhancement modes that ensures that you hear everything clearly. So when you are playing a game, you would clearly get to hear all the in-game dialogs and other sounds.

Moreover, Klipsch also claimed that the Klipsch Cinema 600 features the largest wireless subwoofers on the market. As a result, you would expect it to deliver a cleaner and more powerful bass.

Also, you can enhance the sound experience by purchasing optional surround 3’s for a true 5.1 surround sound experience.

In addition to that, pairing the soundbar with your PlayStation 5 or other media players won’t really be an issue. Simply plug in the HDMI cable or an optical cable, and you are all set.

Overall, it comes at an affordable price and definitely offers you crisp sound quality. But yes, you have to compromise on Dolby Atmos.

5. Sonos Playbar

best soundbar for gaming ps5

Next, there is the Sonos Playbar. This is also the best soundbar for PS5 that you can check out. It is a mountable soundbar known for delivering impressive bass from wall to wall.

With this one, you would enjoy crisp dialogue plus amazing sound quality. So gaming with this would be a next level experience for you.

Even it was specially tuned by Oscar-winning sound engineers to emphasize the sound of the human voice. So yes, you will definitely enjoy a premium sound.

The coolest part of the soundbar is that it automatically tunes itself for the best possible sound depending on where you place it.

In addition to that, it features nine amplified speakers. Also, it allows you to expand up to 3.1 or 5.1 channels by adding speakers. Plus, it comes with 6 mid-woofers that offer you a wide range of sound effects.

What’s more? It comes with a premium and sleek design. The soundbar will not take much space due to its thin profile.

Overall, setting up the soundbar is also pretty easy. You can set it up using the mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. But yes, it comes with an expensive price tag.

6. Sound BlasterX Katana

best budget soundbar for ps5

If you are on a tight budget, then Sound BlasterX Katana might be an ideal choice for you. It comes with an affordable price tag, and it is made for all your gaming needs. It easily fits right under your monitor, and it has a pretty low profile design.

But still, it manages to deliver a great sound quality. As it features the multi-core audio DSP. It offers you an immersive audio experience for your favorite games.

The soundbar embodies the perfect combination of our most powerful 24-bit high resolution DAC and sophisticated 5-driver system.

Along with that, it comes with a reactive lighting system. It comes with 49 programmable LED lights from edge to edge. So if you do like RGB, then it is an ideal choice for you.

In addition to that, it comes with a 5 driver design and has two upfiring midbass drivers and two high excursion tweeters. Also, there is one long throw driver available in the subwoofer.

The good part is that each driver is individually chambered and powered by a DSP-controlled amplifier which delivers ultra-precise audio.

Moreover, the soundbar is enhanced with multi-core Digital Signal Processor (DSP). This helps in delivering superb audio performance. Also, its two drivers are dedicated to driving mids and the other two for delivering high frequencies. Plus, a dedicated driver is for bass. As a result, you will get to hear everything clearly.

7. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound

bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound

Next, there is the Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound. This one is also one of the best soundbars for PlayStation 5 that you can buy.

This one is a single soundbar that provides you with the excellent sound quality compared to your TV. It is an ideal solution when you are low on budget.

The soundbar uses advanced technologies and offers you clear sound quality. It also comes with a dialogue mode which will enhance your gaming experience.

Along with that, it comes with a versatile design. This allows you to position the soundbar where you would like to.

Also, setting up the soundbar is extremely straightforward. You can connect it to your PS using an audio cable. Or you can connect any device with it using Bluetooth.

However, in comparison to other soundbars, this isn’t rich-in features, and that’s because of its inexpensive price tag. You can treat this soundbar as a device to enhance the sound quality of your TV.


Closing Words

So those were some of the best soundbar for PS5 that you can find in the market. I have mentioned soundbars from different price categories. So go ahead and check them out and see which one you like the most. Also, if there is anything you wish to ask, then comment below.

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