6 Apple Watch Compatible Safety Apps for Whenever You Feel Unsafe

Entrepreneurs have released applications for women’s protection to let people move around with confidence and to alleviate the anxieties of family members. 

Need for a Safety App

Fear has been sown in the hearts of the women owing to the increase in crimes against women. Because of these concerns, rigid timetables and standards are finally imposed, which every woman must follow whether she wants to or not. These regulations progressively convert young women into shy creatures unable to face the outside world, not boosting their confidence. 

Here are 6 such safety apps that will serve as the woman’s personal security guards, keeping them safe in every circumstance.

List of Safety App

  1. Eyewatch SOS for Women
  2. iGoSafely
  3. My SafetyPin
  4. Shake2Safety
  5. SpotnSave Feel secure
  6. Trakie

Eyewatch SOS for Women

Eyewatch SOS for Women records audio and video of the user’s surroundings and transmits it, together with an alarm message, to the registered contacts. The great location accuracy, GPRS-free operation, and safety verification feature of this safety app have all received acclaim. 

When they get to the destination safely, users may let others close to them know by hitting the I’m Safe button.

Availability: Android and iOS


Upon activation, iGoSafely delivers alert emails, texts, and/or GPS location information to emergency connections. Until the alarm is disarmed with the secret disarm code, the app keeps delivering notifications every minute. In addition to the information provided above, iGoSafely also sends a 30-second audio recording made using the phone’s mic. 

You may turn on the feature by rocking the phone or by taking off the headphones.

My SafetyPin

The My SafetyPin safety app functions as your guide to choosing the most appropriate and safest route if you find yourself at a crossroads. This software sends notifications when you approach a dangerous area, and you can ask loved ones to keep tabs on you. Several factors, such as accessibility by public transportation, visibility, security, etc., are used to gauge an area’s safety.

Availability: Android and iOS


After hitting the power button four times or shaking the phone, this software immediately calls or sends an SOS message to the previously chosen contacts in case of an emergency. Without an internet connection and even with the screen locked, Shake2Safety functions. Reporting instances of robbery, accident, or natural catastrophe is also helped using this app.

SpotnSave Feel secure

One of the most cutting-edge safety apps, SpotnSave Feel Secure notifies the pre-selected connection every two minutes of an alarm along with the location. The wristband, which has the software and a button to click, may be used by the user if he does not have access to a mobile phone. Similar to how a phone operates, this makes use of Bluetooth.

Availability: Android and iOS


With Trakie, you can track all of your loved ones’ movements, locations, battery levels, signal quality, and travel speeds in real-time. The software offers all of these capabilities in addition to allowing users to interact with contacts. 

Through this software, real and legitimate phone numbers may be registered since the OTP and SIM serial numbers are used for verification.


We hope this blog gives you some insight into the safety apps that you could use anywhere and anytime if you feel unsafe.


  • Can an Apple Watch keep you safe?

If you’ve fallen hard, Apple Watch Series 4 and higher can assist you in making an emergency call. Additionally, if you are unable to move, your Apple Watch will immediately contact emergency personnel and then notify your emergency contacts of your position.

  • Will Apple Watch call 911 if your heart stops?

No, the Apple Watch won’t dial 911 in the event of a heart attack. The Apple Watch’s notifications function can warn you of low or high pulse rates and abnormal heart rhythms, but it is unable to identify a heart attack or notify somebody if your heart has stopped.

  • How sensitive is the Apple Watch fall detection?

Each fall was carefully examined to see if the Apple Watch had recorded the incident. The Apple Watch identified 14 falls out of 300 fall trials, with a sensitivity of 4.7% and a false negative rate of 95.3%.

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