6 Key Aspects to Consider When Creating A Business Video

Video editing is an industry-neutral job now. Irrespective of your business, you’re expected to use videos to attract your audience and drive sales.

Today, the game of marketing has a lot of eggs in the video basket. The reason is an evident momentum towards the format. Consequently, prominent video streaming platforms have also shifted to shorter videos.

YouTube was always a long video platform. It’s now flooded with YouTube Shorts. YouTube’s Shorts move came after the magnificent success of Instagram reels and TikTok.

The point is that your marketing strategy desperately needs video. It is an effective means to communicate with the target audience. However, the competition is brutal. Viewers instantly exit a video the moment they lose interest.

Therefore, it’s vital to create your videos with maximum engagement. Many editing applications like BIGVU’s video trimmer have emerged to meet the demand and provide the perfect editing platform for your needs.

Let us walk through the to-do list of video production and editing.


Storytelling is an excellent form of communication. It is different from narrating an incident. Someone is engaging in your video to understand and explore. Try rooting for more profound concepts and significant ideas.

McDonald’s does not ask you to buy a burger. It asks you to buy a happy meal because that connects emotionally. Know your storyline and form a connection. Touch ideas on neutral grounds that everyone will relate to.

However, the compilation is necessary too. So, edit your videos right with innovative software like Bigvu’s video trimmer.


Anachronism is all about messing with time. It’s a way of creating a quirk. The concept is quite profound, and it goes into professional filmmaking and theatrics. The catch in basic videography is to make viewers notice the unusual.

Let’s assume your scene includes kings and queens from the 1500s. If you place a small refrigerator here, it will be an example of anachronism. It was not possible to own a refrigerator in 1500. It didn’t exist then.

For such minute scenes, you need good editing. Something like this happened in an episode of Game Of Thrones. Anachronism is an attempt to get the viewer’s attention. When placed subtly, it creates a sense of curiosity. The viewers assume it’s a mistake that they caught.

Smoothen Subtitles

Subtitles make your video relatable to all kinds of audiences. They are the most basic feature of every video today. You can eliminate the manual efforts of transcribing and embedding subtitles in your video.

Choose software that helps to auto-generate subtitles. Another thumb rule is to use color variants to match the tone of your videos for clarity and a comfortable viewing experience.

Avoid Repetition

When you’re recording yourself, nervousness is a given factor. On such occasions, a strong script is a lifeline. Nevertheless, it’s very natural to fumble and ends up distracted. However, there is no scope for awkward irrelevant silence, constant pauses, and repeated words in business videos.

The use of teleprompters or recorded scripts in micro earbuds can be beneficial. Apart from that, you can record different shots and frames to club them together later. Such is the power of effective editing.

Color Correction

There’s a mood board for everything. A human brain perceives every color in a particular way. The iconic color blocks we’ve seen on television screens were a color test pattern for the viewers. With visuals, there is a lot of work with lights and colors.

You must follow the steps of color grading and color correction. These processes include white balance, exposure, brightness, tint, LUT, etc. Color profiles are yet another chapter to work on. It includes adjusting saturation and contrast.

A camera can not do all the work. You must change the shadows and shades to adjust the number of details you want to spill on the screen Colors also depend on the kind of story you are about to share.

Magic of Music

Misplaced punctuation can ruin an entire sentence. Similarly, a wrong track can turn the vibe of your video around. Add the correct pieces of music using royalty-free clips that are available online.

The technical process includes the meticulous merging of the audio with the visuals. You’ll find much professional software to do that. Microphones, speakers, headphones, cables, and pop filters are a few of your hardware necessities. You can add external files, but you may also have to add real-time effects.

You can hire a singer, composer, or instrument player for recordings as required. Folk, classical or hip hop? Does it have quirks and audio buckets? These elements are a part of the audio dictionary for a video.


Videography is here to stay. In an age of fast-paced marketing, clever video hacks are gold. Master the art of video production and editing with simplified tools and create visual masterpieces!

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