7 Tips For Your Business To Conquer Social Media


Where is everybody? They’re all on social media! Uncle, sister, grandfather, cousin, celebrities, characters, small businesses, large companies, NGOs, and even pets. Social networks have taken over the internet and your company, of course, cannot be left out. Presence in these channels brings numerous benefits to brands, but only if they are used well. In today’s blog, we separate 7 tips for your company to conquer social networks.

Getting closer to the consumer, winning over new customers, strengthening the brand, is not as simple as taking care of your profile on the networks. Posts, likes, comments, tweets, and shares should be well thought out and monitored. Because one of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is publishing something and not knowing how to measure whether it was effective or not.

So, check out 7 tips for your company to conquer social media and ensure that your brand communication on social media is a success:

Tip #1: Choose the right social networks

For starters, there are several social networks around the world. In one way or another, they are interconnected and most users tend to use more than one network at the same time. For example, I assume you must have at least one Facebook account and one Instagram account, right? And if not, surely you know someone who does. And maybe even on more than one social network.

In the case of companies, when starting from scratch, the idea is to do some research beforehand. So ask your customers which social media channels they use or prefer the most. You can do it online and offline. And if the company already has profiles on social networks, check the efficiency of social media especially Instagram and if Instagram has a lack of followers, likes, or comments then you can buy Instagram followers, likes, and comments to make your profile impressive.

Tip #2: Uncomplicate the content

I’m sorry to inform you, but creating content for social media takes time. But that job is made easier when you use the right tools. Nowadays you no longer need to have super expensive equipment to create quality content. You can take videos and photos using a smartphone and apps from Canva and VSCO.

Once the content is ready, you can schedule dates and times that you prefer. For this task, there are several tools, such as Buffer, Sprout Social, MediaLabs, SEMrush Poster, among others.

Tip #3: Know your target audience

Most companies are used to dealing with customers “face to face”. Know that with online customers it won’t be much different. First, define your target audience. Something that is not done overnight and that stabilizes forever.

Tip #4: Trust your creativity

Don’t just talk about your company and your services, content diversification is very important. In addition to authentic subjects, creativity attracts and retains the followers who follow your pages.

Approaches with humor, current issues, and even social responsibility can bring great engagement, but always with a focus on customer needs. Differentiate yourself from your competition and turn followers into consumers.

Tip #5: Develop a plan

Ensure the attendance of posts, as well as their quality. If your brand does not appear for a long time, it can give an impression of neglect and forgetfulness to your followers. Surely, that’s not what you want to convey, right?

Over time, tests can be carried out to identify the best interaction times, optimizing each post, increasing the chances of engagement.

Tip #6: Keep track of your numbers

Each of the social networks has its built-in analytics report. There are two main metrics you need to pay attention to engagement and audience size. Engagement metrics show how your audience reacts to your content.

Keep an eye on your page numbers, such as the number of followers, fans, shares, comments, retweets, etc. In addition, also measure the problems solved by these media, the financial savings they brought, customer loyalty, and the other advantages of being present in these channels.

That is, analyze and measure the performance of all the social networks you use. Note the highest and lowest points on the charts. This way, you will be able to better understand the preferences of your audience.

Tip #7: Always monitor your competition

Keeping an eye on what the competition makes available in digital media can help you understand your strategies and also notice what your brand’s network is lacking. Make a point of closely monitoring the administration of your brand’s social networks, ensuring the quality of all posts and contacts. This matter is serious because slips can cause big headaches.

There are professionals trained for this type of service, called Social Media. They manage and monitor the digital media of companies masterfully. So, look for an agency, inform yourself and apply these 8 tips for your company to conquer social media.

That way, you’ll feel a little more confident to take care of your company’s social media. For this, count on us to improve your company’s visibility in the digital environment! We are experts in social media management!

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