Best Apps to Organize Your College Day-to-Day Life

Today’s students have become real-time management gurus.  For us, there are no hours in a day that cannot be shaped, squeezed, and exploited to the fullest. A day does not have 24 hours, but rather 24 one-hour activities; we study, work, go to the gym, and take time to socialize and disconnect from the routine.  Of course, all this would be impossible without organization.

Organizing the chores of school and daily life is not always easy. So many students just pay for essays online because they don’t want to complicate their lives with planning. School agendas are an ideal tool to help organize and remember the tasks to be carried out during the academic year. Along with them, there are different apps to organize for mobile devices and tablets that have different features to make it easier for students to manage their schedules.

Here’s a list of some of the little technological miracles that will help you organize your day-to-day life and plan your different tasks.


Allows you to create different lists in which to add each of the daily or weekly tasks. Shopping, pending work and homework, tidying the room, attending extracurricular classes… Each of them can be ordered according to their priority and alerts can be added to avoid forgetting any of them.

Platforms: iOS and Android


Combining gamification with day-to-day organization, it is presented as a video game inspired by medieval times in which it is necessary to perform different tasks to advance levels. In it, you can create your character and add habits, tasks, or daily goals to perform.

As the established tasks are carried out, the character unlocks different complements such as swords or armor. If, on the other hand, they are not performed at the right time, the character may lose his life.

Platforms: iOS and Android

Microsoft One Note

This Microsoft tool can also be used as a day-to-day organizer. Its notepad is ideal for taking notes in class and not losing sight of them or for jotting down any important matter. The user can register as a ‘teacher’ or ‘student’, and access content tailored to each person’s needs.

Allows the creation of lists, reminders, calendars, and planners so as not to forget any obligation or important event. It has different tools and options such as a ‘post-it’ board for the most important tasks, reminders in the form of audio notes, or the option to create and share different lists with other people, such as classmates or with the family so that everyone is aware of birthdays, the shopping list or exams.

Platforms: Android and iOS


Ideal for organizing a group: families, friends, work or project colleagues… This app has a calendar, a shopping list, notes, a phone book, weekly menus, and the option to upload photos. All members will be able to observe from their devices the common calendar with the different events included and add in its different sections the tasks or write down what needs to be bought for that week.

Platforms: Android and iOS

Handy Timetable

With this tool, you can create all kinds of assignments without any time restrictions (neither days nor hours). You can even create two different types of timetables if requested by the student. It allows additional information to be added to each note, which can be displayed on the device’s screen.

It also includes the option to select those that, due to their relevance, is to be monitored at all times. In addition, the timetable created can be shared by email or on social networks such as Twitter.

Platform: iOS


Facilitates the organization of tasks in schools and universities. Each new note can include information of interest such as the name of the subject, the classroom in which it is taught, and the teacher. Includes a notification service, which can be reviewed in either of its two display modes: list or grid. It synchronizes with all devices at the same time.

Platform: Android


SelfControl is an open-source application for Mac that allows you to block the focus of your distractions for as long as you choose. In this way, you can veto the connection to certain websites for a period of time set by you. Say goodbye to Facebook, the sports newspaper, or news from your favorite blogs during your study hours.


Beware, once the blocks are set, you will not be able to access these websites under any circumstances, even if you delete the application. There will be no more distractions in your study.

Platform: iOS


We know how important organization and planning are for a student, especially for those who devote their time to preparing for competitive exams. But let’s face it, no one is born an expert at time planning; we all need a little help. So, the apps we offer above will make your student life much easier, and you can easily plan your essay writing, homework, or exam preparation.

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