Keyword Research Tools For Bloggers and Webmasters in 2023

Running a blog or a website requires you to have proper keyword research. Unless you don’t optimize your website or blog with proper keywords, you will not be able to achieve success and rankings on Google. 

Whether you want to run a digital agency, build a store, or run an affiliate website, proper keyword research is the key to success. However, before diving straight into the list of tools, you need to make sure that your internet is stable so that your digital marketing plan runs smoothly and steadily. 

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Whether you are starting a new affiliate website, or want to start a new blog, here are a few of the keyword research tools you must know. Let’s take a look at it and start. 


SEMrush is the most trusted and world-renowned tool for SEO analysts and content marketers. With a wide range of features, you can start extracting keywords just by entering your main keyword. When it comes to Google, it is recommended to use long-tail keywords to be utilized in the blog or website. SEMrush allows you to do without any interruption. 

Moreover, you can also analyze keyword trends over the years to find what’s trending among visitors. SEMrush offers a 7-day free trial and does not require any credit card details while using the free trial. Whether you are a small-sized agency or a big agency, the plans can be customized according to your requirements. For instance, the basic plan starts from $99.95 per month and is billed annually. 


KWFinder is one of the best tools for keyword research designed by Mangools. The tools allow you to find keywords according to their difficulty from low to high. KWFinder is also great for beginners because it offers a unique interface that is simple to use and easy to understand. 

KWFinder is not only good for extracting keywords in English but supports multiple languages. Moreover, you will get precise statistics for keyword difficulty and competition. You can use filters to refine keyword suggestions and optimize your website with these keywords to gain ranking. 

Google Keyword Planner

No matter how many tools are launched on the market, Google Keyword planner is the king of all the tools. Discovering new keywords and suggestions is super easy with Google Keyword Planner. Moreover, you can also view monthly searches of the given keyword and estimate how much traffic would you drive to your website. 

Moreover, you can also organize your keywords according to categories and create new campaigns centered on keyword research. If you want to gain expertise on Google Keyword Planner, you can simply enroll in a course offered by Google to gain the right skills and start your campaigns. 


Keyword research is the backbone of any new or established website. GrowthBar is also one of the tools for bloggers and SEO analysts to start researching for keywords and suggestions based on their niche. Moreover, if you face trouble while generating a content outline, GrowthBar is the right tool to help you get started.

Moreover, it also helps you to find backlink data, related insights, organic keywords, and Google as well as Facebook ads. GrowthBar also helps you find ranking difficulty, on-page word count, and long-tail keyword suggestions. 

Long Tail Pro

Long-tail keywords are the biggest factor in ranking your website. According to SEO guidelines, long-tail keywords are the key to your website’s success or failure. That is where Long Tail Pro comes to your rescue. The tool helps you generate long-tail keywords for any niche site or brand site. 

Some of the standout features offered by Long Tail Pro include 2500 SERP looking, detailed keyword statistics, the recommendation for convertible traffic, and easy find long-tail keywords. The tool is offered for free on 1a 7-day trial. The starter package costs $25 per month while the agency plan costs $98 per month.

Keyword Tool

Keyword data mining is not difficult anymore when you have Keyword Tool to help you. It is considered one of the best keyword research tools currently offered in the market. It analyzes and extracts keywords from major search engines and platforms like YouTube, app store, Google, Amazon, and Bing. 

Some of the other notable features include finding a set of keywords using Google Autocomplete. Moreover, if you are running social media pages and campaigns, it can help you boost your marketing efforts with Twitter and Instagram keyword analysis. Get all the data exported to the CSV file and analyze keywords even when you are offline. The tool somewhat resembles Google keyword Planner, which allows you to extract 750 keywords for free. While the basic plan costs only $69 per month, which you have to pay annually. 

Summing Up

Keyword tools are great for extracting keywords that would help you to optimize them on your blog and website. If you are new to blogging and digital marketing, make sure to have a strong grip on keyword research. 

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