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As you might already be aware of the importance of privacy which is nowadays really tough to protect, there are few companies in the market that can help you make your online presence with full anonymity!! 

But how?

Simply, by hosting your website on anonymous offshore hosting servers, which are built in DMCA-ignored countries such as the Netherlands, Russia, Hong Kong, etc., to make you untraceable on the internet. 

But the problem is that offshore hosting providers offer their services at really high rates. That’s why we have brought to you the cheapest offshore hosting provider in the market, QloudHost!!😇 

And here in this review, we will talk about everything about QloudHost in detail, hence without wasting any time, let’s quickly jump onto the agenda! 

What is Offshore Hosting?

Before jumping to our review, let’s have a little discussion about anonymous offshore hosting services. So basically, as you can infer from its name, offshore hosting servers allows you to stay anonymous on the internet. 

But how and why? 

See!! As we have already told above, these kinds of servers are located in DMCA-ignored countries, allowing you to bypass all kinds of country-specific laws related to Intellectual property rights, copyright, etc., to ensure your freedom of speech!! 

Why do we need Offshore Hosting?

We recommend offshore to everyone who wants to make their online presence but doesn’t want to lose their anonymity. And QloudHost will be the best pick for you!! Don’t worry we will explain the reason further in the review. 

One more interesting aspect of anonymous offshore hosting is that it doesn’t restrict you with the content, which means you can post all your desired content without facing any kind of arbitrary troubles. 

Where to get Cheapest Offshore Hosting?

As promised!! Here in this section, we will discuss the cheapest offshore hosting provider that comes with really impressive security features to protect your privacy on the internet. 

QloudHost Overview

Since the day of its establishment, QloudHost has always focused on providing you with services that respect your right to privacy. To accomplish that goal they have built their server infrastructure in the best offshore locations.

One more interesting aspect of QludHost is that it provides you servers especially optimized for video streaming websites so that you can enjoy a bufferless video streaming experience!!

But despite their quality services, their prices are really low making it one of the cheapest offshore hosting providers in the market!! But only when the price is concerned. 

Features of QloudHost

Let’s now discuss some of the key features that separate QloudHost from the market. We will recommend you read this section carefully so that you can understand the complete picture of its service’s quality. 

Full privacy protection: QloudHost has built its servers on the best offshore locations to ensure that you are completely anonymous on the internet. 

Top-notch security: Their servers are equipped with full DDoS, malware, and script injection attack protection so that you get impenetrable security. 

Full root access: Full root access allows you to enjoy the complete power of your server without restrictions or interruptions.

Excellent customer support: QloudHost has built a dedicated team of technical experts who works 24*7 to support you at every stage of your journey. 

Services of QloudHost

But QloudHost provides many services, how will you determine which one is the most suitable for your website? No worries because here in this section, we will explain to you the detail of their every service.

Cheap offshore hosting: You know, when we say “cheap” it is just to indicate to you that its prices are low, not the quality. And QloudHost provides you with VPS servers in their offshore hosting plan so that you can host your high-traffic blogging or business website with blazing-fast performance. 

Offshore dedicated hosting: But what if you needed some more power in the future? No worries because QloudHost also offers you dedicated servers which you can use to experience unhindered performance for your website. 

Offshore streaming server: If you are looking for a hosting provider that can provide the facility to perform online streaming without any restriction and buffering either!!

Offshore video hosting: QloudHost also offers you offshore video hosting services which you can avail to host your online video website. And the best aspect of it is that QloudHost doesn’t restrict you with the content.

So that’s all!! QloudHost only provides you with these 4 services which you can choose based on your needs and requirements. 

Customer Support

In Addition, QloudHost has built a dedicated team of technical experts that ensure you don’t get stuck with any problem or error and in case you face such issues they can immediately help you to fix your problems.  

You can contact them anytime via the below-mentioned modes. 

  • Chat support 
  • Ticket 
  • Email 

Along with that they have also created an extensive knowledge base which you can use to get the precise solutions to your problems in no time!! 

Price and Plans of QloudHost

We have attached an image below which will help you to understand the complete picture of their service’s worth. Get Started with Affordable offshore VPS Server Now.

Pros and Cons

So are impressed with its features and services? But don’t judge it too quickly without reading this section carefully because here in this section we have discussed some of its major pros and cons. 

  • Top-notch security
  • Robust server infrastructure 
  • 24*7 customer support 
  • Very affordable plans
  • No live support

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Is QloudHost good for Offshore Hosting?


Definitely QloudHost is an excellent option to consider if you are looking for the cheapest offshore hosting provider that comes with really amazing features such as full root access, top-notch security, and much more. 

How safe is QloudHost?

See!! As far as privacy is concerned QloudHost has built its servers on DMCA-ignored locations to ensure that you don’t face any arbitrary troubles for posting DMCA-ignored content. 

In addition, they have equipped their servers with the best in class server security features to protect you against any kind of cyber attack. 

Where are QloudHost Servers based?

QloudHost has built its servers in the Netherlands which is one of the best locations for offshore servers that allows you to post any DMCA-ignored content you want!! 

Does QloudHost provide any refund policy?

QloudHost provides its services with a full money-back guarantee that allows you to cancel its services anytime within 30 days and get a full refund without any unnecessary charges. 

Is there any free Offshore Hosting Provider?

No, it is very tough to provide free offshore hosting services because offshore servers are built with high-security features which makes them expensive.

Final Words

Overall, after analyzing its services in every aspect, we have concluded that QloudHost is really one of the best offshore hosting providers in the market, all thanks to their server’s excellent performance, top-notch security, and a cherry on the top, 24*7 customer support!! 😇

In addition to that, their plans are very affordable, making it the cheapest offshore hosting provider in terms of price and plans. Hence if you are looking for cheap offshore hosting services but don’t want to compromise the quality, then QloudHost will be the best pick for you. 

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