Cisco Service Provider Core Technologies (SPCOR 350-501)

The 80 minute Cisco exam is composed of multiple choice answer question. It is held in Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and English. Validating technical skills in operation, management and deployment on the CISCO platform, it is an authentic certification. By clearing this exam candidates will get certification in 

  1. Estimating CISCO usage costs and identifying operational cost control mechanisms
  2. Identifying appropriate use of CISCO operational best practices
  3. Identifying appropriate use of CISCO operational best practices
  4. Selecting the appropriate CISCO service based on compute, data, or security requirements
  5. Implementing and controlling the flow of data to and from CISCO
  6. Migrating an existing on-premises application to CISCO
  7. Operating, managing and deploying scalable, fault tolerant systems and highly available on CISCO

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Exam Topics

A candidate must have 

  1. Capabilities to provide CISCO operations and deployment guidance and best practices throughout the lifecycle of a project
  2. Ability to identify and gather requirements to define a solution to be built and operated on CISCO
  3. Experience provisioning, operating, and maintaining systems running on CISCO
  4. One or more years of hands-on experience operating CISCO-based applications

How to prepare the Exam?

Candidates can qualify the exam by taking the Study guide online that is designed by expert faculty. 

Some students have less analytical and systematic skill, and they are taught those techniques which enable to cover the exam topics and the best thing about these online courses that they offer question and answer module for preparation. 

How to solve Exam problems?

A variety of solutions is suggested here such as:

  • Key points and summary of the topics at the end of the chapter help in understanding.
  • Solving sample problem can easily assist in solving exercise problems.
  • Practical or presentation of the topic can make the understanding effective and help in doing exam preparation.
  • Uses of images, chart and physical appearance have positive influence.

Useful Means assist in Cisco

To make the Cisco a pleasant subject some versatile and reliable resources are available on internet. These means are useful for teachers and students as well. Finding the answer of cisco problems, there are a lot of websites can be used. They provide proper guidance. A lot of resources are scattered on the internet. Tutorial material references, modern techniques and images are great assistance in developing the understanding. More over these ways provides authentic and to the point answer of the questions. These digital sources can be used without any doubt.

Significance of resources: 

Always text books are not sufficient for study propose. Students seek some reference books for further elaboration. They run after these books and search then in various libraries and bookshops. Now these resources reduce their tension by providing then wonderful material and to the point solutions of problem. You can go on SPOTO. It is a reliable site that offers reliable and genuine material to prepare the exam. 

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