Here Is How To Choose The Best Steering Wheel For Xbox One

Love playing racing games on your Xbox One? If yes, you should consider taking it one step ahead by adding a steering wheel to the setup. Having a steering wheel with Xbox lets you experience a better gaming experience than those small gaming consoles. Also, these steering wheels are not random toys. Instead, these are strong enough to give you real-life experience. 

There are many types of steering wheels for Xbox One, and we are sure you are someone who is confused between them. Don’t worry, you are not alone, and therefore, here we, with help of MarkEvans, wrote a detailed guide on choosing the best steering wheel for Xbox one, where we have given the crucial factors to consider while investing in a steering wheel. 

Size of the steering wheel 

These steering wheels are available in different sizes. Therefore you are free to get the one you prefer. Moreover, there are steering wheels that are exact replicas of your favourite racing car steering wheel. However, these replicas might differ in size and are smaller than the real ones. Also, the range of rotation is lesser for smaller wheels, but they require less rotation than the bigger wheels. 

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The degree of rotation differs from wheel to wheel, and it’s also one of the most critical factors to look for as if it’s lesser, it may limit your movement in the game. High-End steering wheel models have higher degrees of rotation, but some mid-priced steering wheels have a good rotation. Also, do not get a steering wheel with a rotation lower than 270 degrees. 

Build quality of the wheel 

To make your Xbox steering wheel last long, you have to make sure it’s sturdy enough. As we all know, this steering wheel setup is a bit expensive, and that’s the reason your steering wheel should have a good build quality. Look for steering wheels with a good coating and leather as they will offer a good grip during long gameplay. Also, if your steering comes with other accessories, make sure they are not made out of delicate plastic material. 

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Force feedback 

To enhance your gaming experience even better with a steering wheel, you need good force feedback. The force feedback works along with the input devices that help in simulating vehicle operation. And so, it lets you feel the resistance you experience while real-life driving using a motor. Therefore, if you want a life-like experience, you should look for a steering wheel with good force feedback. 

There are three types of force feedback: gear drive, belt drive, and direct drive. The gear drive is the oldest type of force feedback, whereas modern racing wheels use belt drives. But the best of the best is the direct drive feedback as there is no loss of torque or delay with this type of force feedback system. 

Also, we would recommend you to use more than one motor on your setup for the best racing experience. 


A steering wheel without pedals or low quality is a sheer waste of money. You cannot enjoy your racing games without these small pedals for controls. Therefore, check if it comes with pedals while getting a steering wheel. Moreover, please don’t go for those plastic ones as they break easily. If possible, search for heavy metal ones as they have a sturdy build and won’t break for years. Also, there are pedals with customizable options so you can enjoy playing with your hands on the steering all time. 


So those were the top 4 critical factors to look for while buying a steering wheel for Xbox one. We are damn sure this guide on how to choose the best steering wheel for Xbox one will help you experience the best gameplay of your life with a fantastic experience. There are many types of steering wheels available with varied price ranges and features which might get you confused, but with our guide, you won’t have any problem.

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