How Edtech Apps Are Making a Breakthrough on Android

Edtech can involve multiple things like learning management systems and digital tools. Therefore, when it comes to the definition of the Edtech apps, then it refers to managing and facilitating learning via technology. There are many applications on Android that help students and other learners learn things or do courses online. So, Edtech has a great impact on human life. 

Future of Edtech Apps

Education Learning has played a vital role in the teaching and learning industry. Firstly, people relied on computers, PCs, and physical teaching and learning modes. However, since COVID-19 hit the world, there has been a drastic change in people’s lives. There has been a big dynamic change in the methods people work, learn and perform their professional roles. A big change that occurred globally was students were forced to study remotely. 

Students and almost everyone were forced to follow the remote working method. Things have changed dramatically. A huge transformation has taken place and will be taking place in the next few decades. Many offices and schools have highly moved to personalized education and remote working environment. Studies have shown that Edtech has become central to the process and is getting common day by day. 

Edtech apps have immensely affected the education sector. They have revolutionized teaching and learning methods and strategies. Several institutions have adapted technological solutions to optimize the teaching and learning processes. They are also doing away with their conventional teaching methods and onboarding advanced Edtech trends. 

Growth of Edtech

Technology allowed learning, and smartboards and tablets gradually overtook whiteboards, markers, and notebooks. There has been a drastic change in learning strategies over the past few years. Teaching methodologies for students have evolved from what they were a decade ago.

Technology has completely revolutionized the education industry, obtaining and imparted through different methods. From focused learning to self-education, there are several ways in which the Edtech industry has progressed. It has significantly influenced learning for people of all ages.

5 Edtech Trends Brought About by Apps

Edtech has greatly revolutionized the way people learn, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic came and rippled through the world. Several trends have emerged in the past few years, and we will discuss them one by one. 

1. Learning Beyond the Classroom

Smartphones and tablets have expanded the scope of learning beyond the classroom. Students can learn according to their routine and capabilities. This trend will keep catching up as it provides a suitable and remote method of teaching and learning. Specially tailored learning apps enable students to learn whenever and wherever they want. You can embed eBooks with many advanced features to optimize learning. eBooks make learning more convenient and highly flexible, and the best part is that it contains all the required options and features you need for studying. Most institutes today are making wide use of eBooks. 

2. Gamification

Gamification is a highly innovative and popular trend in Edtech. It employs different strategies and activities to keep students interested and engaged. The entire approach is based around rewarding students for small achievements, and helping them achieve milestones. It also employs different features and elements from the gaming world, which act as a reference for designing the learning material.

Through gamification, students feel more drawn towards their lectures, and it motivates them to do better than their peers. They participate in educational games to obtain new skills and gain points for completing each milestone. The games contain several difficulty levels and challenging activities to test students and push them to work harder.

3. Learning Other Fun Activities with Android

You can easily learn other skills such as playing guitar or piano through many apps on Android. One of the highly used and advanced applications is Skoove. Skoove has become an advanced musical app through which you can learn musical notes, chords, and scales very easily. The Android app by Skoove helps you learn piano correctly, and it also shares its feedback on how you practice when playing the keyboard. 

4. Collaborative Learning Technology

Technology has removed any borders or limitations between people and brought them closer. You can easily get in touch with others, and also discuss and learn new things together. Collaborative learning has garnered a lot of popularity in recent years. Within the classroom, teachers split students into groups to foster collaboration for various activities. By working to finish a project or task as one unit, students eventually develop the ability to collaborate with their peers.

Collaborative technology also facilitates their comprehension and teamwork capabilities. Even though Edtech has become mainstream, it facilitates discussion and collaboration. Traditionally, teachers and students were required to be present in the classroom to transfer knowledge and collaborate. Thanks to Edtech apps, this can be done without any constraints or limitations. 

Although learning is quite popular, it includes collaboration with features shared and discussed. In a traditional teaching model, a teacher enters a classroom and speaks. However, today, advanced technology has bridged the gap between teachers and students, interacting simultaneously. Connecting to teachers has become a lot easier, and teachers act as mentors to help students in their overall development. 

5. Learning with Virtual Reality

The classroom learning experience has undergone a profound change. Learning has become much more enhanced and immersive than conventional methods and ways. Students can view enhanced versions of the image and have a clear insight into the image and objects on their phones. However, the augmented and virtual reality trends make learning a compelling experience, while augmented reality gives an enhanced and clear vision of a real image or object. 

These techniques have taken digital learning to a new dimension and are highly used to explain and clarify complex concepts, from atoms to planets, etc. Now students can explore and learn so much more with these new methods of learning and studying. 


So this was all about Edtech. It is a great invention to help educators streamline their work and provide students a new platform to learn and polish their skills to attain future success. Edtech is now commonly used in the entire world. Many schools, colleges, and universities are moving with the Edtech apps to help their students grow with the latest and advanced technology features. 

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