How Has Video Production Evolved Over The Last Decade In India? 

Video production services have been in the talks since the concept of making videos was introduced and marketing experts saw the potential of marketing and promoting a business through videos. But the video production services in India since then have changed a lot. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and discuss how video production has evolved over the last decade in India. In this article, we are going to discuss every aspect in which video production has changed over the period of the last ten years. 


There is no doubt that the quality of the videos that have been produced ten years before and now have a vast difference between them quality-wise. Back then, the technology and the equipment used to shoot the videos were not expert enough to create high-quality videos. But now, with the kind of technological advancements that we have achieved over the last decade, the quality of the videos now is just top-notch and so pleasurable for the eyes to watch. 

Editing & Special Effects

It’s almost hilarious the kind of effects that were added back then in videos. If we watch old videos now we’ll really find the editing and the effects funny and senseless. But now, the editing is done so smartly and the effects are added with an intelligent mindset. Today, everything is strategic, even a slight change in colour or the choice of filter to be applied over the video has several reasons behind it, everything revolves around tactics and strategies. The editing has advanced so brilliantly, that almost anything is possible to create and display in a video with the help of artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies. 


With the crisp and clear audio that you hear in videos nowadays, do you expect the audio quality to be the same in a video that was created back in the 2000s? Not exaggerating, but if you compare the audio quality of old videos and the latest videos that are being created today, the sound of old videos is horrible comparatively. Now that your ears are so used to hearing high-quality audio, we bet you’d be able to figure out hardly half of the audio. This tells us how important it is to maintain high quality in a video since the viewer might miss out on some important details that were to be grasped through the video.


One more aspect where there is a huge difference between the older and the latest videos is the reason why they are created and their approaches, goals, and aims. Previously, in business, videos were made for just one thing: “ads”. But now, video production for a business is so much more than just creating advertisements. However, each comes under marketing and branding strategies but video production is now a very broad niche compared to ten years back.


The video production services in India have changed drastically over the last decade and definitely, the changes are for the good. With each new evolution in video production services, we get one step closer to maximum output and maximum productivity. 

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