How the TikTok Algorithm Works in 2023

TikTok has taken a special part of our lives, providing us with different content to discuss, take seriously, or laugh at. TikTok’s success story is unique and incredible, bringing together multiple people all over the world and boosting their moods during the covid pandemic. 

It isn’t challenging to become a TikTok celebrity should you have such an intention. You need to pay close attention to several essential elements, with thumbnails among the most crucial ones. However tech-savvy you might be, creating awesome previews has never been easy! With these free TikTok and youtube thumbnail maker online designs, you will elevate your videos to an entirely new level! But first, let’s figure out how the TikTok algorithm works this year and what you need to do to make your videos go viral.


TikTok algorithm explained

So, what is this TikTok algorithm, exactly? You first need to cast your mind back and remember how you became a TikTok user to answer this question. So, you sign up for the TikTok account; your profile is pretty shallow, and the For You page includes random videos you aren’t interested in. What happens next? You start looking for stuff exciting for you. Video by video, your For You page starts providing you with more relevant content. In short, that’s how the TikTok algorithm works. 

Everything you have on this page results from the algorithm analyzing your preferences, reactions, and behavioral changes. If you like videos with cats and react to them, cat videos will continue to appear on the For You page until you stop liking and/or commenting on them. 

How TikTok algorithm works in 2022

Clear and straightforward as it is, the TikTok algorithm is a complex mechanism that gathers, processes, and learns every piece of information about your actions in the app. But let’s try to explain how it works in simple terms. 

Info about video

Other than checking your activity on TikTok, the algorithm peruses captions and keywords to see whether such video descriptions also influenced your behavior. Plus, the algorithm checks included hashtags to help it identify the category the video falls into. And, of course, the TikTok algorithm examines audio if it appears in the video.



User interactions

The TikTok algorithm is highly versatile and over-arching, focusing on numerous aspects, including user interactions. In fact, TikTok takes people’s interactions very earnestly to ensure they get the content they crave. Among other things, the algorithm looks into videos you like and share, accounts you follow, comments you make, and videos you add to favorites. Besides, it checks your reports, artists you hide from your feed, and videos you flag as not interesting. 

Account and device settings

Last but not least, the TikTok algorithm considers users’ devices and their settings to cater to their technical capacities. For example, the app looks into the device type, the location selected, and the language used for the application. 

Is there anything the TikTok algorithm doesn’t show?

In an attempt to make the TikTok algorithm work effectively, some videos don’t undergo checks for a reason. The For You page will not include videos if they have elements of:

  • Duplicate
  • Spam
  • Dangerous content
  • The content you have already watched
  • Not interested in content




Getting a good start: Making the TikTok algorithm work for you

Suppose you have an idea for your TikTok account and want to go viral. What should you do to befriend the algorithm and attract users? Although many depend on your videos, you can improve your account by following these tips:

  • Determining a niche: It’s essential to decide the area your content will fall into. It will help you create successful TikTok videos that interested people will see. Feel free to create a shortlist of subjects you will touch upon in your videos.
  • Creating short videos: It is no secret that TikTok users prefer to watch short videos. Of course, there is nothing wrong with rolling out a one-minute video once in a while. Overall, though, ensure an average video lasts less than 40 seconds.
  • Leverage relevant hashtags: The right hashtags can boost your content tremendously, so don’t hesitate to research pertinent hashtags and include them in your videos. 
  • Craft great captions: In addition to visuals, creating good captions can spark the viewers’ attention and explore your profile further.

Ready to take off?

Now that you’ve learned how the TikTok algorithm works, creating top-notch video content won’t seem too hard. Use the mentioned tips, and the algorithm will boost your profile enormously, increasing your visibility and reputation.

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