iPhone 12 Pro Max Vs iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhones are pretty amazing, but in recent days, Apple has been launching technically identical iPhones. Recently they launched the iPhone 13 series devices, which are considered minor upgrades and pretty similar to the iPhone 12 series.

They are so similar that iPhone 12 Pro Max Customized cases fit the iPhone 13 pro max perfectly. But when it comes to the technicalities and the minor details, the iPhone 13 Pro max is considered a different smartphone.

The normal users might not find them different, but the tech enthusiasts find them interesting. If you are willing to buy any of the devices, you should first know about the differences between each device.

In this post, we are reviewing iPhone 12 Pro Max Vs. iPhone 13 Pr Max. With the side-by-side comparison, you will understand the differences between them and can decide to buy the right device for your needs.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Vs. iPhone 13 Pro Max

Display Comparison

Both of the devices have the same 6.7-inch OLED display, but there is a major difference. In iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple has reduced the notch size and added the 120Hz refresh rate.

iPhone 12 Pr Max comes with a 60Hz refresh rate, which is not that fluid compared to the 13 Pro max. With the compact sensors and reduced display notch, the iPhone 13 Pro Max looks stunning. So, when it comes to the Display, iPhone 13 series devices have the upper hand.

Battery Comparison

The iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with a bigger battery than the other iOS devices. While the iPhone 13 pro max is not a major upgrade over the iPhone 12 series, it provides better battery life due to the increased capacity.

iPhones have been known for their best-in-class battery life, and this device will follow that. Apple revealed that the iPhone 13 series would have marginally better performance than iPhone 12 series devices, so the iPhone 13 Pro Max gets the front seat.

Performance Comparison

When we talk about the performance, it’s evident that iPhone 13 Pro Max is the fastest iPhone ever made. It comes with the latest A15 Bionic chip and six operating cores.

The four of the high-efficiency cores handle all the intense tasks, easily providing the necessary performance. The GPU and Neural Engine in the Bionic Chips are advanced and 50 percent faster than their predecessors.

While iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with the A14 Bionic chip, it is still a good option for those who don’t have intense work on their smartphones. But for future safety, choosing iPhone 13 Pro Max is a wise choice.

Camera Comparison

iPhone 12 series devices have been known for their best cameras among all other iOS devices in the camera department. But the iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with stunning specifications that crush the iPhone 12 Pro Max to the ground.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with a triple camera setup, an f/1.4 aperture main camera, an f/1.8 wide-angle aperture camera, and a macro camera. On paper, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a better camera as it has the f/1.8 aperture main camera, f/2.4 wide-angle aperture camera, and a macro camera.

But with the Sensor-shift technology, the iPhone 13 Pro Max wins the race with ease. The sensor-shift technology moves the sensor accordingly to reduce the movement of the camera shots. This provides optically stable videos and images.

Not just that, with the ProRes codec support, they have become the higher-end smartphone and the suggestion for anyone.

Final Words

Based on the comparison in each specification aspect, it is clear that iPhone 13 Pro Max has many advantages over the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

With its strong features and specifications, this device can be a wise choice for those looking to buy an iPhone for video editing, photography, and other intensive works.

If you already own an iPhone 12 Pro Max and don’t have a heavy workload or use of the ProRes codec, then you can stay with the same. But for the new users, having the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the suggestion from our side.

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