Quick and easy tricks to increase Instagram followers

Instagram hopped onto the stage in 2010 and has never looked back since then. It is one of the biggest social media platforms today, falling short only to Facebook in the race of being on the top. The number of Instagram followers you have has become sort of a statement today. Growing your Instagram following can be difficult. 

But it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways that you can turn Instagram into a successful marketing campaign for yourself or your business. Here are some tricks that can help you rack up Instagram followers. 

  1. Follow the trends

While the various tips and tricks available here or anywhere else will definitely help, the main focus of your Instagram account will always be the content. To create engaging content, you need to find topics that generate heat and create interactions. The content that is already trending on Instagram checks all the boxes.

It doesn’t mean you should copy-paste whatever everyone else is doing. It is important to add a personal touch to create a unique brand image that sets you apart from the rest.

  1. Use Hashtags the right way

Everyone knows how to use hashtags but doing it the right way is different from simply slapping up a bunch of keywords in a caption. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags in one post but it is not a good idea to use all of the slots. It makes the post look spammy and has no benefits whatsoever. Using 8-15 tags per post is the norm and should work fine.

More importantly, using the more popular tags is not ideal as there are millions of posts using these tags already. It decreases your visibility and brings no result. Keyword research tools can help you find relevant and optimal keywords.

  1. Make Instagram reels

Instagram reels might be the new TikTok and they are everywhere. Reels were Instagram’s attempt at challenging TikTok and it is fair to say they have been successful at it. Reels can help you increase engagement on Instagram for more than one reason. Videos are naturally more engaging and always draw attention.

The short format of Reels helps it even more. More importantly, Instagram reels are public and not limited to just your followers. They can reach anyone on Instagram which can mean a lot of potential followers. Hashtags can be used to reach the target audience and increase the chances of them becoming a follower.

  1. Buy Instagram followers

Buying Instagram is a plausible and completely safe option for those who want to see fast results. There are hundreds of websites from where you can legally buy Instagram followers like thousands are doing already.

It doesn’t just increase your followers but also helps increase engagement on Instagram posts and boosts your reach. By doing so, these paid followers bring you extra exposure that is invaluable in the long run.

5 Share across multiple platforms

A majority of global social media users are active on more than one social media platform. For you, it means more opportunities of drawing in a crowd. It is advised to be active on multiple platforms if you have a social media goal in your mind. 

Brands and influencers, all usually share their content and links on every platform they are active on. It maximizes interactions without any extra effort.

  1. Join Engagement groups

Engagement groups are communities where people help each other increase engagement on Instagram accounts and posts. Not only they will follow you but will also interact with your content to maximize engagement. 

The only thing you have to do is return the favor by doing the same. Thus joining engagement groups can bring both instant and long-term benefits when it comes to followers. 


If your goal is to get more followers on Instagram, it can be discouraging to realize that there’s so much competition online. There’s nothing to worry about, however, as Instagram has plenty to offer for everyone. 

All you need is a clear mindset and goal with a plan. Following the tips mentioned here, along with posting consistently and engaging with your audience, will help you gradually but surely grow your Instagram presence.

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