The Best RPA Software in 2023

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a continually evolving technology that runs on AI (Artificial Intelligence), automation & ML (machine learning), and other processes (to name a few). Automating repetitive tasks saves both time and resources. Hence, let us consider which RPA software is best nowadays regarding support, efficiency, and value for money. 

What is RPA software 

The best RPA software provider is one that offers solutions but also serves a more significant cause. However, to fully understand this concept, let us explore how RPA software works. Such packaged solutions focus on efficiency & scalability, not to mention affordability. Furthermore, such packages manage digital platforms where bots can mimic or emulate human actions based on algorithmic logical reasoning & decision making. This forms part of the AI element, which powers a redefined structure, automating processes to make life more convenient based on intelligible data pathways. These logical frameworks lay the foundation of our digital future and synergize with other concepts, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP). 

A brief background of RPA: its salient features 

– Communicates with the other systems via API integration or screen scraping

– Decision-making based on bot programming interfaces, independent of expert knowledge 

– Divided into three major subtypes, which are:

– Attended automation: such tools rely on human intervention

– Unattended automation: based on intelligence & decision-making capabilities

– Hybrid RPA: deploy both attended & unattended automation 

– Industries served by RPA include:

– Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail & Telecommunication industries

– Assisting in appointment setting, data entry, billing claims, order updation, sending alerts, logistics, fraud monitoring, security, applications, supply chain management, customer service, reporting, data migration, etc.

– RPA augments front & back-end operations (former using natural language, while the latter solely for (un)structured data, such as scattered documents & visuals, or databases, respectively

– RPA drives data collation, processing & app integration plus helps maintain system integrity

– RPA must be ergonomic, efficient, economical, scalable, industry-specific & smart  

Best RPA Software Available in 2023

We are all aware of some of the generic advantages RPA brings to the table in terms of saving time & human effort. However, are we fully aware of what some RPA tools specifically offer? Well, we decided to collate five prominent options for your enlightenment! So here is a lineup of RPA automation software packages for this year and the marvels that they bring to our digital universe: 

Tool Industry served Features
Keysight’s Eggplant Automobile, Aerospace/ Defense & Financial Services Flexible; scalable; supported by content; varied capabilities & platform compatibility; has recording capability; independently operable
Blue Prism Core RPA abilities Flexible, serves medium to large-sized brands, has varied & extensive support, lacks all OS compatibility & client server-based operation
path Core RPA abilities It supports the Citrix platform, and is ergonomic for universal users, free to use, has flexible handling, extensive support, web browser-based architecture, and variable scaling
Automation Anywhere Core RPA abilities On-premises & cloud platform support, all user-friendly and scalable
Pega BPM only Operates on desktop servers (no database required), available to user masses & supports low-code development, relatively nominally price plans, enterprise-level scaling, full product support available, intelligent pathways, serves medium-large operations & compatible with all primary OS


Points to consider 

When selecting an RPA tool to serve your business purpose aptly, remember that: 

– It should align with your available operating system, resources, operation size & industry

– Needs to fit your budget & be scalable enough for your business

– The architecture should be compatible with what you currently have or can arrange to use

– Should be ergonomic for your users (if applicable), offering the required functionality & support

– Needs to be versatile, supporting all integrations that you may use

– Require minimal maintenance 

Without considering those mentioned above, you could land yourself in a deep rut – so beware! These factors will help you determine the ideal tool best suited for your niche, although be mindful that there can be unexpected challenges on the way. Nevertheless, this is worth performing as a preliminary check to filter suitable options for further shortlisting. 

The wonders of Edge Verve’s AssistEdge  

Combining the finest elements of RPA, AssistEdge can be integrated into Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), scalable Intelligent Automation & enterprise-grade end-to-end automation. Furthermore, their flexible deployment models & secure infrastructure enable complex document processing. Moreover, auto automation, API first architecture, process orchestration & innovative process discovery collectively unify all RPA aspects into a single entity. This reduces resource consumption, drives informed decision making & integrates easily within a brand’s blueprint. Finally, be amazed by their no-code protocol & intuitive machine learning (ML) for ultimate convenience & satisfaction. 


Once again, we reach the end here with the conclusion that intelligent RPA software offers unparalleled power to automate & create some of (if not the) best workable solutions for decision-making processes. The premise that automation is here to stay and instead continues to evolve into something even more magnificent has finally been upheld. Now, all we must do is persist in driving this remarkable legacy; wherein human-bot interactions can collaborate synergistically and propel this fine digital art. Then, sit back and admire the efficacy of intelligent RPA automation software – all in the name of digital evolution.

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