The Importance of Mountain Bike Frames

Mountain bikes are a kind of bike kingdom and occupy a pivotal position. However, many people are often very blind when buying mountain bikes and don’t know what kind of Mtb ausrüstung is suitable for them, resulting in a lot of wasted money and energy.

How do you select the spare parts that suit you and then assemble the car that suits you? The most important thing is the MTB rahmen.

It is no exaggeration to say that the frame is the soul of the entire car. Many newcomers tend to intentionally or unintentionally ignore the importance of the frame when loading the car. What they consider is which XTR kit to install, what quality of front fork, and when their budget is almost gone, they buy a random rack. The direct result of this behavior is that the whole car looks premium but doesn’t drive as well. What’s the point? You just bought the wrong shelf.

The frame determines the vehicle type. For example, if you were assembling a DH bike, would you buy a 1400g GIANT XTC-TEAM? Or to put it another way: Would you install a DNM double shoulder fork with 20 cm travel on your light XC? of course not. Therefore, the type of frame also determines the type of car as a whole.

The frame directly or indirectly affects the performance of every aspect of the car. What influences the handling of the car? What determines the stability of a car? What Determines How Fast a Car Turns? What determines the comfort of a car? Is it the XTR kit, is it the ROCKSHOX front fork? Yes but no. Because so that these parts can develop their enormous fighting power, a good foundation must be laid – the frame. A 200 yuan frame and a 2000 yuan frame, even if the price of the finished bike is exactly the same, the actual riding experience will be completely different.

The size of the frame also determines whether the car is right for you. Even if the frame type is selected, the performance is not bad, but if the size of the frame is not appropriate, it is like a chicken rib and can only be cut off. Because an improperly sized bike can not only be a bad workout, it can also cause sports injuries and even pose a huge safety hazard.

Raising the frame often brings up another noun rahmennummer fahrrad. The frame number is a set of characters assigned to a vehicle by the manufacturer to identify it. The VIN code is a code made up of 17 letters and numbers, also known as a 17-digit identification code, frame number or 17-digit number. The vehicle identification code is arranged and combined in such a way that the same type of car does not have duplicate numbers within 30 years, and it has the unique identification of the vehicle, so it can be called a “car ID card”.

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