The Kohi Click Test Definite Guide

The Kohi click test is a clicking method used by Minecraft gamers to improve their mouse-clicking speed. A higher score means a higher clicking speed. On Minecraft servers, players compete to outrank their friends in a game mode that involves PVP combat.

What is the Kohi Click Test?

Kohi click testing determines the number of clicks per second. The only difference between this click test program and others is that it is available on a Minecraft server called Kohi. 

You can measure your mouse clicking speed with numerous click speed software. This test is designed to help players improve their mouse-clicking speed so they can perform better in the game. 

Hclewk designed the game Kohi. Several Hard-Core Factions game modes are played on the Kohi server. 

What is CPS? 

In Minecraft, clicks per second are usually measured using a CPS test. Players must be able to click quickly in order to succeed in Minecraft PvP servers. 

Several methods are available for testing CPS. The best and fastest way to analyze CPS directly within Minecraft is to do so directly from the game. 

Alternative Clicking Technique to Kohi Clicking

Kohi Click Test was designed initially to improve players’ gaming skills for Minecraft, but as time passed the click speed test transformed into a competitive sport. To improve the CPS, players use a variety of methods of clicking the mouse. 

  • Jitter Clicking

The jitter clicking involves straining an arm or a hand to click. The technique is difficult to master and requires a great deal of practice. Beginners should try briefly and then gradually build stamina so that they jitter for longer periods. 

The player will have a difficult time aiming and clicking simultaneously at first. However, when they learn to control the shaking, then they can score higher. 

This style is so fluid that it seems as if the hands don’t move. You will need to exert a lot of energy and precision to achieve perfect clicks.

  • Butterfly Clicking

Butterfly clicking is one of the most popular methods of clicker training, typically chosen by those who aim for higher scores. 

If you are using the butterfly mode, you can click with two fingers or slam the fingers together for double taps that provide more CPS Tests per second. A player can score between 20 and 25 CPS using this technique. 

However, clicking speed test has itself become a game. To improve your CPS, you should try the butterfly clicking method.

  • Drag Clicking

During drag clicks, players register hundreds of clicks in a single drag rather than a single click. Minecraft PvP combats cannot be played using this method. 

When playing using this method, players use sticky finger mice, which can record hundreds of clicks upon dragging. Those who want to score the highest on the Kohi click test should use this method. 

By using this method, players can achieve an unmatched score. You should begin by dragging your finger across any surface as fast as you possibly can for about two seconds before releasing your finger. This will help you gain more control when making those all-important clicks.

  • Regular Clicking

Regular clicking is the method that is traditionally used for clicking the mouse. Basic mouse actions include clicking and scrolling. They can be completed quickly and easily with one hand, and don’t require that much movement. 

It is possible to get a CPS of 4-6 clicks per second with the method. The technique can even help people reach 8 CPS if they are proficient in it. 

It is best for gamers who hope to score higher CPS to switch to another method of clicking.

How Kohi Click Test help you to improve CPS? 

In a lot of games, like Minecraft PvP (and even in FPS games), click speed is an important factor. It gives you a better chance of winning. However, you can only become better with practice. 

That’s when Kohi click test comes in handy. After each test, your CPS score is displayed. Be sure to keep track of this score so that you can beat it the next time. Continue to do this until at least 8-10 clicks per second are achieved. 

Aim for at least 1-2 hours daily to reach this level. Your aim shouldn’t be reaching only to 8-10 CPS. Continue improving your clicking speed by using advanced methods. When it comes to PvP and FPS games, you should aim for 10-14 CPS. 

Uses Of Kohi Click Test

Kohi Click Test is used in many places such as:

  • Bridging

Bridge-building consists of placing blocks quickly and connecting them to form bridges. Particularly useful in Minecraft game modes such as sky wars, bed wars, or other types where there may not be enough time to construct normal structures, since these methods enable us to bridge gaps much faster than building them normally would allow us to. Bridging in Minecraft is effective and affordable. 

Likewise, bridging can also offer multiple advantages depending on how it is done: Kohi Click Test offers a multitude of possibilities such as Stan MPL Bridge in Minecraft.

  • In Minecraft Fight

You should aim for at least 10 CPS in the Kohi Click Test. With more time spent on training, you should be able to perform this effectively in Minecraft PvP fight where you will be able to boost your click speeds up to ten clicks per second. 

In Minecraft fight, click speeds are one of the most important factors to be considered if you want to win against your peers and move your skills to the next level. There are many methods by which you can increase your click speed.

  • Quickly Putting Up Walls

Click speed not only helps in Minecraft fight but also helps in quickly putting up walls. It is possible to script one command block to place vertical blocks, then move one block in a direction, and so forth. 

Place blocks behind you as you walk backward, then turn around after you reach the desired height and repeat the process. All above this, walls play a crucial role in Minecraft and how fast can you set up is the major factor. 

What is Kohi Click Test Word Record?

Though different websites offer players to take the CPS click tests, according to the most up-to-date and approved websites that track the world records, Dylan Allred made more than 1050 clicks in just 10 seconds. The number of clicks seems to have been more attained by other people, but authoritative websites approve it.  

Does CPS matter Minecraft PvP?

Many Minecraft players are unaware of the CPS factor, but it’s a crucial element to online PvP in particular. A player’s clicks per second, or CPS, can be calculated by measuring how many times their mouse is capable of being clicked in a second. 

It is important to remember that clicking quickly is a necessary part of PvP, even though it may seem arbitrary at first. A player’s combat proficiency is crucial when fighting an opponent in Minecraft PvP, as it determines whether they will land the first blow or be hit first, as well as whether they can continue to pressure and damage an opponent – or give them a chance to strike back.  

How to click faster?

Given below are a few techniques to improve your clicking faster:

  •  Try Different clicking methods

There are many clicking methods such as Jitter, Butterfly, Drag, and regular. These methods would help you to train your clicking speed. Also, there are many online tutorials too which can be referred to.

  • Use Gaming mouse

Gaming mouse can play an important role to increase your clicking speed. Use a gaming mouse instead of a laptop trackpad. The hand position and the science involved in clicking are responsible for this.

  • Keep Practicing 

Practice is the only key to success in any field. Henceforth keep practicing to click faster using different methods making yourself more familiar with the clicking test and performing well.

  • Positioning of Hands

Position your pointer finger on the mouse button on the left (or right). If you want it straight up and down, it should either be at a large slant or a large angle. If you want to keep your finger close to your mouse, or even on your mouse, do not move it very far away from it between clicks. 


  • How to cheat or hack the Kohi click test?

There is no such way to hack the Kohi click test but Butterfly clicking and Jitter clicking are two types of clicking techniques that can be considered to increase your clicking speed and hence perform well in the Kohi click test.

  • What is the highest CPS in Minecraft?

Highest CPS in Minecraft is 16. You can achieve this score by regularly practicing Kohi clicking

  • Does CPS matter in Bedwars PVP?

Yes. CPS do matter in Bedwars PvP as if you have high sensitivity then you might lose some of your aim in a reasonable 1v1 situation.

  • What is the fastest way to click on Minecraft?

The fastest ways to click are drag clicking and butterfly clicking. There are many other ways too which can be tried out to get the best out of it.

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