Things to Consider When Buying High-Quality Long Sleeves for Men

Many people choose high-quality long sleeves for men over normal sleeved ones because they find them more comfortable and warmer. However, do you know which type of shirt is best for your body type? This article will outline what to consider when you’re shopping, like the fabric and length.

Find out about different types of shirts for men as well as tips on shopping and what else to consider. Below are things to consider when buying high-quality long sleeves for men.

1. Price: If you’re on a budget, it’s best not to get a long sleeve as they are usually more expensive than regular-sleeved shirts. However, if you don’t have much money to spend on a shirt, stick with in-store shopping. Choosing clothes from off-brands can also bring the price down. On the other hand, clothes from well-known brands are more expensive here so shop for value for money.

2. Variations: There are several variations in the size and length of long sleeve shirts for men so you’ll have to choose what fits your body type. For example, in the length of sleeves and body; regular sleeved t-shirts are shorter than long from the armpit to the bottom hem. You also have to consider if you want a tie-dye or plain colored one as well as whether it’s made of cotton, polyester, or linen.

3. Comfort: If you’re shopping for a casual shirt, stick with casual fabric like cotton so that it can breathe and is easy to wash. You may also need a darker color for formal wear so choose shirts made of polyester, linen, or silk according to the season and make sure your skin doesn’t sweat too much. Linen shirts are especially good in summer but also wrinkle easily.

4. Type: For casual use, you can wear a regular long sleeve shirt that goes down to the wrist or even covers part of your hand. Shirt styles are also available in V-necks, collars, and buttoned-down so choose what fits your style.

5. Collar: If you have a slim body type, a spread collar can make you look more broad-shouldered and if you have an athletic build, choose the stand collar for its sharper look. For casual shirts, the buttoned collar is best but it depends on whether you like clean collars or don’t mind some wrinkles. Button-down collar shirts are made of cotton and may not be as comfortable as regular polyester or linen shirts but they can be easy to wash and iron.

6. Length: There are several variations in the length of long sleeve shirts for men. For example, you can choose a short sleeve shirt that goes to your wrists, mid-calf, or mid-thigh depending on your body type; formal or casual wear. A cover shirt is longer than a V-neck and gives more coverage at the neck and shoulders but it’s good for a formal dress or for when you want to wear sweaters underneath it.


Above are a few factors that you can consider when shopping for long sleeve men’s t-shirts. However, if you have an athletic build or want to look big and bulky, then a regular-sleeved shirt with a spread collar and is long enough for the armpits will work best. You may also need a darker color or variety of colors in your choice of long sleeve shirts for men as well as for casual wear. It’s good to follow your body type too as some shirts are better suited to slim builds.

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