Top Rated | 10 Incredibly Best Hotels to Stay in South Korea

Over the past few years, South Korea has become a genuinely exotic location for tourists worldwide. Many travelers believe it to be a land of K-Pop & K-dramas. Some want to visit here because it is the home to significant world technology, but we want to tell you that South Korea is the land of cultural magic, natural beauty & modern-day luxuries.


Planning to visit South Korea but confused about the stay? No worries, this article will help you with the ten premium to mid-range hotels & resorts where you can unwind with your family/friends or alone. .

Top 10 South Korea Hotels and Places to Stay

When planning a stay in South Korea, you must keep in mind that you also have to wander and find the best things to do in South Korea, so pick your visit accordingly; here’s the list:  

Four Seasons Seoul

This four-season hotel is in bustling downtown Gwanghwamun and is known for its luxurious rooms, Michelin-starred dining, spa, and other top-tier hospitality. This ultra-luxurious hotel’s calming ambiance and prime location make it a favorite for pampering stays. You can easily navigate to Seoul’s top attractions from this ultra-luxurious hotel.

Lotte Hotel Seoul

Whether you love shopping, authentic culture, or just looking for pure pampering, Lotte Hotel has the perfect combination of location, comfort, and luxury in central Seoul. Lotte Hotel is located in the middle of Myeongdong, a glitzy shopping area. It sports modern interiors, name-brand restaurants, and a spa/ fitness center! Shopaholics love the doorstep convenience.

Park Hyatt Busan

Park Hyatt Busan promises an unforgettable experience for everyone who wants to experience the authentic traditions and culture of Busan. This hotel has some of the best things to do in South Korea; you can swim, wander worry-free, and satisfy your luxury appetite. You can experience luxury in the high-end waterfront accommodations overlooking Haeundae Beach, which has an outdoor pool and renowned Japanese eateries. This hotel is Ideal for travelers who want to relax in luxury beside Busan’s beachfront.

Ryunique House Hanok

Experience the timeless tradition of Korea, and make this stay your home in South Korea. Ryunique House Hanok is a family-owned paradise that offers an extraordinary cultural experience. You can experience the authentic charm, home-cooked authentic meals, and experience  the traditional heritage. But before you book this stay, we recommend you buy travel insurance online. This is because it serves as a safety net and helps you wander worry-free.

Templestay Jukse Oru

Templestay Jukse Oru welcomes you not just as a guest but also as an explorer. Stay in the serenity of a mountain monastery guided by a renowned Zen Master. The most promising part of this stay is you can meditate in the crisp mountain air, find solace in chanting sutras, and savor temple cuisine crafted with fresh garden ingredients. Far from the city’s clamor, stay in this Templestay Jukse Oru and rediscover inner peace.

The Shilla Jeju

The Shilla Jeju embraces the magic where land meets sea. The island haven is more than just a resort. It’s also the door to paradise. Sink your toes into the sand of your private beach. Witness the sun dance on turquoise waters, then conquer Olazabal’s masterpiece, the hilltop golf course. Its luxurious rooms, cloaked in traditional Korean style, tell the old story of ancient charm. Take in the views from your void pool, dine on world-class grub at Michelin restaurants, and bury yourself alone in a request hook. The Shilla Jeju is not simply a stay–it’s a hymn to the heart and soul of Jejudo, calling you home. 

Paradise Hotel Busan

From a beachfront haven: Dive into Busan’s colorful spirit. The rooms are sleek and modern, framing enchanting ocean views. Some will even let you bathe in private hot springs on your balcony. It isn’t just a hotel; it is the portal to beach pleasure. Swim in turquoise waters, bask on golden sands, and enjoy beachfront restaurants; it’s all only a step away.

Seongbuk Hanok Village House

Seongbuk Hanok Village House is your starting point for exploring the historic core of Seoul. Surrounded by amiable hanok groups, not far from Bukchon and Changdeokgung Palace, this traditional refuge welcomes you to participate in living history. Old Seoul’s rhythm in this rustic cottage lets your heartbeat to the authentic charm; cobbled streets giggle tales of past dynasties. One hanok step at a time, discover Korea’s soul.

Suyeong Farmstay

Would you leave the cityscape for an apple orchard? We recommend you stay at Suyeong Farmstay in Busan’s countryside; the rustic cabins greet you with fresh air and farm-to-table charm. Cut juicy apples, feed friendly animals, and huddle around crackling campfires beneath starlit skies. Enjoy farm-to-table home cooking brimming with seasonal flavors, every mouthful a taste of country livin’. At Suyeong Farmstay, leave care behind and enjoy the simple things.

Hotel Cappuccino Seoul Gangnam

Hotel Cappuccino Seoul lights up your stay at the heart of this color. Boutique chic meets classy service that flatters you with city views from modern rooms. Some suites whisper luxury, with private mini-saunas and jetted baths for maximum unwinding. From the neon lights to some lively rooftop bars, as you do your thing in Gangnam’s energy center, Knowing The Place is brewed up with impeccable style and a touch of cappuccino charm.


Whether you want to visit South Korea or anywhere else, it is essential to travel safely. Travel insurance is vital as  it provides a safety net during your journey and keeps you safe throughout your trip. So buy travel insurance online, plan your South Korean itinerary, and travel without any headaches.


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