What is the TET Exam?

The TET exam is conducted each year by the state and central governments to allow candidates the opportunity to become a teacher in central or state schools. Government positions of any sort are highly sought after in India. There are so many benefits associated with a government position that thousands throng to fill these vacancies.

The Teacher Eligibility Test, better known as TET, is a common examination conducted by the government to hire teachers for government schools around the country. Government schools across the country release hundreds of vacancies across the country each year and thousands of applicants apply for these positions. 

The Benefits Of Giving The TET Exam

The TET exam is conducted at a state level, based on the guidelines laid out by the National Council for Teacher Education, which is the governing body of the TET exam. At the Central level, the CBSE or the Central Board for Secondary Education conducts the CTET. Just recently the Uttar Pradesh Government announced the TET exam and UPTET syllabus. Let us understand the reasons why anyone should apply for the TET exam:

  1. By appearing for the TET exam a candidate becomes eligible for the numerous state-level teaching positions across the country. 
  2. After the TET exam, a candidate can apply for central teaching positions by appearing for the CTET exam.
  3. Candidates holding the TET qualification are eligible to apply for Kendriya Vidyalaya teaching positions across the country. 
  4. Many private institutions also recruit teachers based on the TET exam.
  5. Government positions offer higher salaries and multiple additional benefits.
  6. Clearing the TET exam opens up many doors for candidates in both the government and private sectors. 

How To Prepare For The TET Exam?

Since numerous people appear for the TET exam each year, it is best to prepare well and appear for this highly competitive exam. Below are some tips to ensure that you are geared up to face the challenge that is the TET:

  1. Understand the exam pattern- Candidates must first understand the pattern in which the exam is conducted. This way you will be able to plan how you want to prepare for the various stages of the exam. 
  2. Go through the syllabus- When appearing for any competitive exam, you need to be aware of the topics that need to be studied. An in-depth understanding of the syllabus is necessary for any logical plan of action to be created. 
  3. Mock tests- A very important part of preparing for such an exam is to practice mock tests. BYJU’s Exam Prep gives you access to numerous mock papers, solved papers, mentors, and other resources to help you glide through the preparation for this exam. 
  4. Read- Make it a habit to read. This is important not just for the exam but for various other things in life. Reading newspapers will not only keep you updated about the things happening around the world but also help you brush up your English or Hindi, as necessary. 
  5. Keep the company that motivates you- Surround yourself with people who motivate you. Stay away from people who bring you down or waste your time. Remember when you were little your parents advised you to be friends with good people? They did it for a reason. How we think and feel depends on the people that we surround ourselves with. 
  6. Study smart- While hard work is definitely important, studying smart is what sets you apart. By solving previous year’s papers, try to figure out the questions or topics that turn up again and again. That way you can focus on those and give yourself some leverage. 

Sure, the competition is tough but the benefits are a cherry on top. The TET is an exam that you can definitely conquer with some patience and consistency. Keep at it and victory will be yours. 

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