Why Do We Insist That Mac And PC Are Alike?

Are you going to purchase a new personal system and confuse which will be the best “MAC or PC? However, it is like a sweet dream for technology lovers to own a MAC system, but new PCs are also admirable when discussing configuration and features. If you want to determine Whether to select the PC or Mac depends on your budget and expectations. However, there is not much difference between PC and Mac; for example, if you want to quit some program by force, you will use Control Alt Delete MAC like PC keyboard shortcut. Similarly, in both systems, you may lose some unsaved work.

But in many cases, Mac is more suitable than PC. To learn more similarities and dissimilarities between PC and MAC, let’s make a short trip.

Similarities and dissimilarities between PC and MAC:

Before discussing the similarities and dissimilarities, take a short review of PCs and Mac. You will be surprised to know that they are mostly alike.

Mac: Macintosh

It is also a computer which can run all the operating systems like window XP, Vista, and Mac OS X. You can do many incredible tricks on your Mac, one the most significant advantage that Mac when you use a window device you don’t need any other software because everything work on Mac OS run smoothly and steadily. On Mac, you can use a unit converter instantly; all you have to do is type the amount and unit. Mac made it easy for you in one step.

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Mac will be your best friend; it can talk to you and listen to you with the You may summon the same Siri you’ve grown accustomed to on your iPhone by holding down Command and Space for a few seconds or simply clicking the Siri button on your Dock or Menu Bar.  You can also say ‘Hey Siri’ if you have a newer Mac, like the 2018 MacBook Pro. Furthermore, this version of Siri is far more useful.

High graphic design:

Sometimes Mac comes with higher graphic design; if you are a professional graphic designer, it is better to consider purchasing Mac pro; here are some suggestions for you

16-inch MacBook Pro (2019)

M1 laptop: MacBook Pro (2020)

desktop: 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display

Mac has high colour accuracy, high image quality, and is easy to use. The latest M1 Macs, on the other hand, only support a maximum of 16GB. However, because they utilize RAM differently than earlier Macs, 8GB or 16GB will be plenty for most tasks.

Some Macs allow you to quickly upgrade your RAM, while others make it difficult or impossible. So Mac is more suitable for graphic designers rather than PC.

You can also boost your graphical processing power with an external card, PC also comes with these specifications, but you can extend the internal card in PC.


You can use the window on your Mac; it is a matter of the fact that there are very few new users of Mac as compared to PC. Therefore, Apple is trying to catch up with PC and providing more opportunities like laptops can be converted into tablets and tablets can be used as computers. For more Accessibility, There is significantly more software available for Windows PCs. While many big software companies produce several versions of their products, others do not, assuming that Apple will cover any gaps in the market with proprietary software. Therefore Mac can read the device that can be formatted for windows; through this feature, Mac can easily convert Windows software to something more compatible with OS X.

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As we know, there are very few products of Mac available in the market rather than PC, and Apple is the main manufacturer of Mac. Therefore, Apple strictly controls the software that protects Mac from viruses. There are very few viruses that can affect Mac. Fortunately, Apple has several safeguards in place to protect against such threats. For example, according to the Security & Privacy settings in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General, macOS should only allow the installation of third-party applications from the App Store or identified developers.  If you were to install something from an unknown developer, Apple would prompt you to verify its legitimacy.

Apple also has its built-in anti-malware program. Apple keeps all of the malware definitions in its XProtect file on your Mac, and whenever you download a new app, it checks to see whether any of them are there. This feature of Apple’s Gatekeeper software prevents malware developers from creating apps and certifies that they haven’t been changed. That’s why we can say that Mac is more secure against the virus than PC, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to install any antivirus; it is good to be secure put the right protection to avoid any mishap.


Mac is not as good as PC for heavy games despite all these features. We can say that Mac is not designed for games. If you are a games lover, a PC is more suitable for you than Mac. You also have a plethora of digital stores to choose from, such as Steam, GOG, and Origin. Other advantages of the PC is its extra refresh rate and ultra High gaming peripheral. You can easily play heavy games on PC which is the most admirable feature.

Apple customers have always seen Macs as a machine largely utilized by creative professionals and “serious” people, musicians, and filmmakers. It is a matter of the fact that Mac is not designed for games; however, thanks to superior software optimization, even the slowest Macs perform admirably. Many new games are now you can play on Mac. But overall, we can’t prefer Mac for gaming over PC.


The debate between PC and Mac is not over yet. Still, we can conclude that although Mac is better than PC in many ways, it is stylish, well designed, very preferable for business and office, but when we talk about prices and games, PC is preferable to Mac.

Rather than gaming, If you want to purchase Mac for your business or office work, nothing is better than Mac.

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