Why get a timer for your garden taps?

There are many reasons to invest in a timer for your tap. It can help you save money on your water bill, ensure that you aren’t wasting water, and give you more control over your watering schedule. In this article, you can learn how tap timers work and how they might benefit every homeowner.

Help save water

Water restrictions have become a fact of life for many Australians, with many regions experiencing drought conditions.

Several ways you can save water in your home include using a rebate system to install rainwater tanks and water-saving devices such as a timer that turns off your garden tap when it’s not needed.

It will allow you to turn off your tap when it’s not being used, meaning that no water is being wasted from running down the drain when there’s no one around (or even if there is someone around!). This way, you’ll be able to reduce the water used by about 30%.

Save you money

You can set it to water in the morning, evening, and night. This means you can save money by not wasting water or electricity by watering your garden at times when it’s not needed.

You can also set them to different water parts of the garden at other times of the week. For example, you could have one to control a hosepipe around an ornamental pool but another with a sprinkler system for the lawns.

Ensures an even flow of water

Tap timers can be programmed to turn your hose faucet on at different times and for different amounts of time. This ensures that your garden has an even water flow and won’t dry out. If you’re using a single hose, you might want to turn your tap off after 15 minutes—this will prevent the water from evaporating before it reaches your plants’ roots. If you’re using multiple hoses, use one with several outlets so that each one gets its fair share of watering time.

The best part about gardening with them is how easy they are to use: just set them up once and then forget about them for weeks. It’s like having an automatic gardener who does your daily hard work.

Easy to install and affordable 

It is an easy investment for your home and garden. They are affordable, reliable, and can be used for various purposes.

  • Easy to install: They can be installed in just minutes by anyone with basic knowledge of electricity. Plug it into an outlet near your garden hose or faucet and set the time you want it to turn on or off. When it’s time for water, the device will automatically shut off when your plants have what they need! This is especially helpful if you’re away from home during the day while working or running errands.
  • Affordable: They cost less than $10 at most hardware stores and typically last up to five years (depending on how often they are used). In addition to saving money on your water bill, reducing waste by watering only when necessary also helps conserve natural resources like oil and gas!


You can use them for many things, including watering your garden. If you’re looking to save money and water, then a timer is the way. It will help you achieve this by automatically watering your plants at the right time and amount. With so many different models available today, it’s easy to find one suited to your needs.

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