Why Having a Wall Mural is the Best Interior Design Idea Ever!

Unique interior design ideas are getting trickier to come by each day. In such a scenario, it is only normal to go back to the design ideas that ruled the world decades ago. Murals have always had a time when they reach peak popularity and then fade back when something new comes up. Since murals are in vogue, it is time to pull out the mural paints and add some life to your walls. 

Be it an urban design or a geometric pattern, murals are positive visual cues for anyone who enters the room, so you need to pay attention to the colour and patterns you are adding to the wall. There is no perfect mural in existence, but there is one that suits you and your house the best. Here are a few tips on finding that design.

All About the Style

The first thing you need to do before putting the paintbrush on the wall is deciding a style. Locking in on the aesthetics you wish to achieve will help you narrow down the art options. You can opt for something simple or go for modern styles depending on what you want the room to look like. Based on the dimension of the wall, the light available in the room, and the style you want to attempt, you can easily pick a mural design. 

Customise as Required 

The thing about murals on the walls of your house is that you can do whatever you want. If it is your family home that you are trying to spice up, you can add something like a family tree to the mural wall. It may sound absurd to some, but if you have an expanding family, this is an easy way to keep track of everyone and give everyone a sense of belonging. If your tastes are quirkier, you can bring out all your imagination and put it on the mural wall. It is going to be a beautiful addition to your house. 

Nostalgia as a Muse

Does the time and distance between the places you created fond memories evoke deep emotions in you? Then you must draw on the nostalgia you feel to create a perfect mural wall in your house. It can be anything like a scene from the childhood home you grew up in or a creative visualisation of an event that impacted you deeply. Anything that can make you feel deeply connected to your house can never be the wrong choice. 

Diy Time

Sometimes, getting a professional to carry out your artistic vision might work differently than you want. Then, it is time for you to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. You can paint your mural wall with a sturdy set of tools, a good pack of mural paints, and a dream (or inspiration). However it may turn out, it will only add to the character of your place. In any case, you can always start over with a fresh layer of paint if you don’t like it. 

Final Thoughts 

There is no point in denying that murals are taking over. Be it in schools, workspaces, residences, or streets, murals are everywhere. Thanks to the pop of colour it brings and the message it conveys, murals have won the hearts of art lovers too. As an affordable option for decor, there is no reason to hold back from trying this one out. 

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