Why You Should Try Buying Rainbow Roses in Singapore

Looking for the perfect way to express your love this Valentine’s Day? How about with a bouquet of rainbow roses? These beautiful flowers are not only nice to look at, but they also have hidden meanings behind them. If you are wondering why you should try buying rainbow roses in Singapore this coming Valentine’s Day, here are 5 reasons why you should:

1. They are unique

Regular roses tend to have many meanings, but rainbow roses have also taken on their own meanings. Most importantly, it is the first breed of rose in Singapore and is exclusive to Singapore only. In fact, it was created by Lee How Fook back in 1934 during the Japanese occupation of Singapore.

2. They come in a variety of colours

If you are looking for something special this Valentine’s Day, then rainbow roses are definately the way to go. There are 6 colours to choose from, including pink, yellow, orange, purple, red and white. Each different coloured rose means something different. For example, a white rose means purity and innocence; a pink rose stands for luxury and grace; an orange one stands for joyous creativity and friendship; purple means good fortune; a red rose represents passion and romance; while yellow means friendship and good cheer.

3. Each colour means something different

As previously mentioned, each colour has a special meaning behind it. Pink is for love, white is for purity and innocence, orange stands for joyous creativity and friendship, purple means good fortune, red represents passion and romance and yellow stands for friendship and good cheer. That’s why buying rainbow roses this Valentine’s Day will be a wise choice.

4. They last longer than regular roses

Regular roses tend to fade away in a few days. However, rainbow roses will last much longer than regular ones, as the colours are dyed in a gel that won’t wash off easily. In fact, you can even colour them in yourself if you wish to make it more vibrant like the one on the right, which was coloured at home.

5. They are reasonably priced

Most rainbow roses come in a box of 20, meaning you can get 2 for the money as compared to 10 regular roses. Furthermore, with each colour having its own meaning, it also means that you can find out which flower symbolizes each person in your life for a better Valentine’s Day experience. But that’s not all. Rainbow rose prices are also much cheaper than the standard pink ones and are sold at $26 or less. That makes them value for money too.

6. They are environmentally friendly

Rainbow rose bush is a hybrid of the American Sunset Rose, which is also known as Empress Rose. This rose was therefore created to be easy to grow and it continues to excel in this field. It thrives in almost all climatic conditions, as long as there is rainwater, sunlight and moisture around. It is durable and stands the test of time. Therefore, buying these beautiful flowers will also mean you are helping the environment at the same time – not bad for a buy that’s practical.

Buying rainbow roses in Singapore will surely make you the best Valentine’s Day present and will make her or him very happy. Rainbow roses are not only pretty to look at but also have meanings behind them. Moreover, the rose bush is also environmentally friendly when grown. So why not go for this buy this year?


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