11 Design Elements To Keep In Mind When Revamping Your Website

Whether you are a small business or large, a start-up or an MNC, a well-functioning website is critical for your business. The website represents the company, it is the face of your organization, and therefore it is crucial that when creative agencies are granted the job of revamping and redesigning your website, they keep certain elements in mind.

Usually, when it comes to revamped websites, SEO and content also play a major role. But, at the end of the day, visuals are more powerful and play a broader, more significant role in keeping the users hooked to the website.

An average user first looks at the website and only further chooses to read and continue scrolling if the website is visually appealing to him/her. So, it may not sound as important as it does but website design elements are necessary and right next to SEO, and content when standing in the line of what completes the website.

When you are giving the redesign of your website to web design services, web design companies or even branding agencies, one thing is sure to be kept in mind, a good design means increasing customer engagement where as a bad design means increasing bounce rate.

So, what are the specific design elements, parameters, or criteria that you need to work on when revamping your website or rebranding the business? 

11 Key Elements to keep in mind when revamping the website

  • Aesthetic and minimalist color palette
  • Optimized usage of whitespace
  • Incorporation of social media icons on footers
  • Stunning, relevant and high-resolution images
  • Consistency in branding
  • Make it visually appealing
  • The perfect balance of content and images (no clutter or mess)
  • Good navigation 
  • Engaging and interactive UI/UX
  • Mobile-friendly layout
  • Speed optimization

When you are offering your website revamping project to web design companies or creative agencies, these are the certain elements and the parameters related to design that should be instructed to them.

It is essential that when creative agencies take up arms on building you a robust website or a platform, their work meets these criteria as this will in turn be beneficial to your website and your business.

Aesthetic and minimalist color palette

The color scheme that you choose for your website will represent your brand, your brand values, your company mission and vision and also your brand personality. Choosing a subtle, classic, aesthetic, and minimalist color palette is not only advisable, it is the trend in the market.

Colors convey mood, feelings, personality, emotions, conversations, and expression. The psychology of color is a deep theory that actually works pretty well when properly and rightfully implemented.

Optimized usage of whitespace

The term whitespace literally means empty space on the website page. Whitespace should always be kept as a part of your color palette. This makes the website more comprehensible to the user as it gives a minimalist look to your website. 

Many branding agencies, web design services providers, and creative agencies have started pitching the minimalist look for websites as well as social media platforms. This is what the users want to see.

A design that is simple, plain, smart, and to the point. They do not wish to have the colors and the designs flashing a torch on their faces but cooler, calmer colors to relate with the website.

Incorporation of social media icons on footers

Today is the era of the internet and social media. Every website has its presence on social media. So if you also have one for your business, promote it. Paste it everywhere. The design must always comprise of a place to incorporate the social media icons of the business.

These social media icons will play a major role in showcasing how strong of a presence your business has across platforms but it will also be a link to those very same platforms making it easier for the user to redirect.

Stunning, relevant, and high-resolution images

When it comes to images, the first thing that every designer and actually also the developer needs to hear is: to use high-resolution images.

People like watching a treat, a sight to sore eyes, and when they open your website, there should be stunning images, relevant and high resolution. It can’t be just anything you shop on the internet.

It has to be there to make your website attractive and modern-looking. 

Consistency in branding

All branding agencies will tell you one and only one thing, branding only works if consistency exists. 

There has to be solid consistency in your design being reflected in every aspect that is associated with the website. For example, black and white are the theme decided for your website and a logo is decided as well.

Your website needs to maintain consistency by using only those colors and that very same logo. It has to reflect on the social media pages of the company, on the merchandise, on the official documents, and also on everything that represents the brand.

Make it visually appealing

Users may visit the website and get hooked with the great content you have but if your content is placed with very small fonts in a corner of the page, no one is going to stay.

Your website needs to be visually appealing to the user for them to want to stick around. They should like what they see and not feel like they are surfing a robotic page filled with information like in textbooks. 

The perfect balance of content and images (no clutter or mess)

The website design must have a perfect balance of images as well as the content. Both the images and the content should complement each other very well in the right way that the user gets converted into leads by clicking on the CTA when they arrive there on the website. 

Good navigation 

If you don’t like confusion then don’t give confusion. Good navigation is important for the users as this will help them stay on your site more and have a chance at buying your product or services. 

When the user needs to go to a specific page, they should only have to click on the header or the footer and find exactly what they need. The sitemap should be readily available and the user must not get lost surfing for your website.

Engaging and interactive UI/UX

Users love to interact and when it is about them, they love it even more. The UI/UX of the website should be such that it engages and interacts with your customers. This could be possible through movable elements such as gifs, videos, and animations,

Mobile-friendly layout

Because everyone has a smartphone, not everyone will look at your website through the actual computer on their desk. This is why a mobile-friendly layout is important to build when working on the design of the website.

Be it starting the design from scratch or a revamp of the website, a mobile-friendly layout is as important as the website itself.

Speed optimization

The user attention span is as low as they come which is why the page loading speed should be optimized at once. The first thing of revamping is to make sure that the design does not interfere with nor slow down the users in a way that the business ends up losing the users altogether.


Design is a major part of the top 3 major reasons that complete a website. It has its own dynamics, obstacles and challenges but these are the ones that need to be looked at when considering giving your website to be revamped by web design companies or branding agencies. 

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Brijesh Jakharia co-founded SPINX Digital in 2005 and takes great pride in crafting web and mobile marketing solutions for mid-market businesses to enterprises. Marketing is his passion, and the thrill to build a brand from the ground up has helped him craft successful brand stories for world-class clients. While not at work, he loves to spend his time on research and reading digital content stories.

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