4 Useful Tools of Microsoft Edge For College Students

The internet is changing to accommodate the unique needs of different users. Microsoft has provided numerous tools under the Microsoft Edge to help college students study and relax. The tools are meant to provide a safe space to use the internet as well as credible access to the resources that these students may need for alternative learning. 

Microsoft Edge tools are integrated into other platforms to provide a seamless browsing experience. The tools allow you to add to the features already integrated into other internet platforms. Here are some of the most useful Microsoft Edge tools for college students that will guarantee a productive browsing experience.

Ads interfere with your attention when browsing. You waste time skipping the ads or having to wait for the ads to clear from the screen before you can proceed. Adblock Plus will help you to keep away from all these ads and devote your time to what took you to the internet. With Microsoft Edge Adblock plus, I can ask someone at Buy Custom Essay without the distraction of push notifications or ads that take attention away from the assignment. 

Adblock Plus will keep away the popups, video ads, and banners. If you visit a site to read about the topic you are writing in your paper, you will concentrate on materials related to the topic. With all attention going to the content you went looking for on the internet, it will take the least time possible to complete the paper. 

Adblock Plus also allows you to choose relevant popups whenever you are browsing. For instance, you will get a notification when the live chat personnel comes back online. Such push notifications and ads make your online time more productive. The tool also disables online tracking and data collection activities that invade your privacy. It helps you to customize the browsing experience by preventing un-approved downloads. It will enhance your browsing security and overall internet user experience. 

  • Enhancer for YouTube 

YouTube is a rewarding source of some of the best reference materials online. You can watch videos and presentations on the concepts you are learning in class to make them easier to understand. However, YouTube comes with numerous ads and uninitiated actions. The enhancer will give you control of the YouTube experience. 

Enhancer provides a flawless YouTube watching experience. It automatically blocks in-stream ads and pop-ups that interfere with your content consumption experience. You can skip the ads even in situations when they would be impossible to skip on normal YouTube. 

Enhancer also offers other incredible features. For instance, you can determine the speed of playing back content on YouTube. You also customize your YouTube theme, giving you a more appealing feel whenever you are using YouTube. You can boost the volume of a video without distorting the viewing experience or relying on the original volume of a video. The enhancer will give you multiple features that people using ordinary YouTube cannot access.  

  • LastPass Password Manager

Passwords will give you access to personalized sites online. It could be social media, class portals, or platforms you are using for business, among others. It is taxing to have to remember all these passwords. The Lastpass Password Manager makes it easier to access all the sites you need without having to use weak, memorable, and obvious passwords. 

The Lastpass Password Manager is a vault where you save all your passwords, email addresses, card details, and such sensitive information. You can access the login details whenever you need them. It guarantees safe internet for students

The Lastpass Password instantly saves the username and password you use on the site. It will synchronize your account on all other devices. In case your information or account is under threat, it will generate an alert. You protect your account using two-step authentication. 

  • OneNote Web Clipper

The tool sorts all your information for easier editing and sharing. It will remove or clip only the crucial information that will add value to the browsing experience. You can access your clipped information on other devices without internet access. It synchronizes the information you have sorted when searching the web. 

Microsoft Edge tools provide a seamless internet usage experience. They enhance access to information and guarantee a productive session whenever you browse. Most of the tools are free and will provide the best user experience. 

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