In addition to regular gadgets and storage containers, contemporary appliances play a vital role in the kitchen, enhancing your life by facilitating work. You can also enjoy cooking and doing other kitchen chores by using these appliances. Eventually, before buying compare the appliances with other brands for a better price, warranty, efficiency, customer reviews, features, etc. to achieve this you don’t need to wander around all shops, buy them easily with one click in online shopping portals. They deliver you where ever you are with many options like cash on delivery, free shipping, discounts, etc. some of the best online shopping portals for buying kitchen appliances are discussed here.


You can buy kitchen appliances that you need from the official website of Borosil. This site is exclusively for only kitchen utensils which makes this online shopping very famous for kitchen appliances. While other major portals, they will also sell kitchens along with other products. As this portal is only for kitchen appliances and kitchen utensils there will not be any compromise in quality. Another advantage to this portal is its offers on regular basis and they are selling their own manufactured products. You can trust this portal for purchasing as it exists for many years. They also offer cash on delivery services and an easy return policy.

Website link: https://myborosil.com/


Flipkart is the most trusted and well-known online shopping portal. This company offers not only attractive prices but also significant sales discounts on items, which can grab more customers. So you can buy all kinds of kitchen appliances from Flipkart’s shopping portal.

Flipkart’s shipping method is fairly fast, as most of the time the item arrives within a week. Their cost discount, service, and return policy are also very attractive. They often announce big sale discounts, that discounts are very much low when compare to others in the market. Not only kitchen appliances they are selling many other products too.


Amazon is a famous company for online shopping. This is because people trust this site. This site has been there for many years. You can easily buy the Kitchen appliances from Amazon at a very low cost and reasonably priced.

The attractive deal that Amazon makes on a regular basis is even more compelling as it offers multiple savings on your purchase list. Amazon’s biggest sales happen during the holiday time. At such events, you can buy kitchen utensils at a discount of up to 40%. At Amazon, it’s easy to find different types of kitchen appliances you need. They also provide support for return policies.


Shopper Stop is also one of the famous online shopping portals. You can buy any products here as it has a number of products and it is a trustworthy website for e-shopping.

You can buy a product with many discounts. As there are lots of other competitors’ e-shopping portals to compete with Shopper Stop selling their kitchen appliances at a low price, shipping their products all over India, and providing customer support. They are selling all brands of kitchen appliances so consider this portal too

  1. EBAY

eBay is the most popular online shopping portal. They are also selling a wide range of products. You can buy products on eBay at cheaper prices when compared to other big portals, though their shipping times are a bit more delays than others, so it’s your responsibility to choose the shopping portal based on your requirements. Regardless of all other things, it is the best place to buy kitchen appliances at a very cheap price. They also have varieties of brands and price ranges for all products. eBay ships products throughout India.


Snapdeal is a well-systemized e-commerce site in India. They are providing a transition of products between sellers and customers. Snapdeal shopping portal is a PAN-India market for E-commerce. They sell all products from basics to all electronic and electrical items. You can buy products from them with trust as they provide you a 24/7 customer support.

You can order an item from any part of India they will deliver you the item within the given time limit. Also, they are selling the kitchen appliances at a very reasonable price and providing discounts occasionally. So buy your required kitchen appliances easily from Snapdeal.

  1. CROMA

Croma.com is the main website of Croma, which offers you a variety of kitchen appliances. People can buy whatever they want from it, including all kinds of kitchen appliances that you required. Customers can save a lot of money with these promotional codes. Croma offers very cheap prices and occasional offers to attract more customers.

They offer numerous service centers to help customers with any issues. And mainly they are manufacturers too. You can buy Croma’s products as they are trustworthy. Your ordered product will be delivered to you within a week as the supports you with the best shipping, customer service, etc. You have to try this portal.

The above discussed are some of the best online shopping portals in India. They all are famous and experts in providing customer support, delivering products on time, and return and refund policies. So go through all websites and choose your need portal and enjoy buying your kitchen appliances.

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