AirPods Pro Tips And tricks to Get The Maximum Benefits Of Having AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro was announced in October 2019 by Apple, seven months after the arrival of AirPods 2. For the first time, the company’s new headphones feature a redesign as well as active noise cancellation for a better experience in noisy environments.

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New gestures: AirPods Pro has new gestures. Now instead of tapping the phone, you need to press the bottom of them. One press pauses or starts the song, two presses forward, three presses backwards, and a longer press switches between Noise Canceling and Ambient mode.

Noise Canceling: Apple’s new wireless headphones feature Noise Canceling for the first time, meaning you can isolate virtually any external sound so you just hear the music. To activate it, press one side of the handset for a few seconds. You can also activate the function by accessing Control Center, pressing the volume bar with AirPods Pro connected, then tapping “Noise Cancel”. In case if you’re AirPods are not working you can press & hold to reset & you’re good to go.

Ambient Mode: as the AirPods Pro end up having their own isolation just because of the new design, Apple has implemented an “Ambient Mode”, which allows external sound to pass more easily through the headphones. This mode is ideal for walking down the street, hearing the station name on the subway, or even knowing the status of your flight at the airport. To activate it, just press one side of the headphones for a few seconds or do the same thing as noise-cancelling via Control Center.

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Change AirPods Pro Gestures: If you don’t want to leave both sides of the headset with the longest press to toggle between noise cancelling/ambient mode, go to “Settings”, “Bluetooth” and tap the “i” of AirPods Pro with them in the ear. You can switch one side to “Siri” instead of “Noise Control” or let one side toggle between cancelling and this off mode or ambient or off mode.

Tip Fit Test: Want to know if the AirPods Pro’s noise cancelling is working on your ears? Under “Settings”, “Bluetooth” and “i” of AirPods Pro, go to “Tip Fit Test”. This option tests to see if the headphones are correctly isolating the music from the environment. Just keep both headphones in your ear and if something goes wrong, the iPhone will let you know that you might need to change one end to a smaller or larger one.

Name of your AirPods: By default, your AirPods will name “[Apple ID name] AirPods”. Under “Settings”, “Bluetooth” and “i” of your AirPods, you can change their name. Use creativity. 

Switch microphone: By default, AirPods automatically detect which microphone to use. If you always use a headphone on one side or want to save battery power (since it’s the right one that uses up more battery power, you can choose which side you want it to hear you in the headphone settings.

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Play/Pause: This tip is the most basic, but also the best: if someone wants to talk to you and you have the headphones on, just take one of them out of your ear and the music or video will automatically pause. When placed back in the ear, the headphones automatically play.

Share Audio: Starting with iOS 13, you can connect one more AirPods or Powerbeats Pro so that someone else has a full music/video experience with you. From Control Center, tap the AirPlay button and then “Share Audio”. Open the other AirPods and then tap connect. If you open the other AirPods near an iPhone that is already playing music, it also suggests audio sharing.

Read notifications: Also on iOS 13, you can ask Siri to read your messages as soon as they arrive. The function is only available in the Messaging app and you can reply back. Under “Settings”, “Siri & Search”, tap “Read Messages” and activate the function.

What’s up, Siri: with AirPods Pro, just like AirPods 2, you only need to call the personal assistant to place an order. 

Switch from iPhone to Apple TV: On Apple TV, you need to go to “Settings”, “Remote Controls and Devices”, “Bluetooth” and then select your AirPods.

Switch from iPhone to iPad or Mac: Starting with iOS 14, you can Smart Switch from Beats Solo Pro. If you’re watching a video on your iPad and tapping your iPhone, your phone automatically switches to mobile.

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