Best Vape Apps For Mobile Devices

These days our hobbies are much different from those that were spread among our grandparents. Generally, women used to do needlework, and men used to go hunting for centuries. Later, TVs, cars, and other technical advanced results have changed the ideas of time spending.

Fifty years ago going to discos, reading lots of books, and playing various sports games were popular among youth. People spent most of their time in their country, in their city, and it was a rare thing to go to the cinema. Nowadays if a person is asked about their hobbies, they would probably mention surfing the Internet, watching movies, or traveling.

Vaping can also be heard mentioned among modern hobbies. There exist so many vape pens that it is highly possible that vape pens collectors could appear. This would be as usual as people collecting stamps nowadays. As we can see, technical progress changes and diversifies the types of hobbies that people can have. The development of means of communication and their speed also influences this change. Many of the old hobbies turn into new thanks to technology.

Vaping can be seen as a ‘son’ of smoking a pipe or cigarettes, which makes it just the next step in the history of smoking. However, access to mobile phones and other technologies enabled people to combine these two activities. For instance, there have appeared apps for smartphones, which assist in improving one’s vaping experience.

#1 Vaffle

This app has been a revolutionary invention created to oppose Instagram (or, to be more correct, its policies). The app has become quite popular back in 2018 when today’s Meta company turned out to be unfriendly towards vaping. Neither Instagram nor Facebook welcomes this activity. Therefore, not only has the Vaffle app become a new development used for vaping support, but also a kind of social platform for artists all over the world.

One can share beautiful photos depicting the happy moments of their lives without being afraid to get banned because of showing vaping as a part of ordinary life. Now they call themselves an interactive and sharing community for vaping fans all over the world. In fact, some people might share the idea of Instagram banning nicotine propaganda, but at the same time, no one has the right to prohibit people share their lifestyles. Therefore, the existence of these two apps creates the right balance.

What is more, the Vaffle app gives an opportunity to use vaping calculator, connect to YouTube and download longer videos, or find DIY tips to create a personalized e-liquid for one’s vape pen. It can also be downloaded on different systems (boh, iOS, and Android).

#2 Vaping Boss

The Vaping Boss app can also be called a social media platform as many of the users use it this way. This app gives a positive environment for all those into vaping without any restrictions. It is another alternative to Instagram when we talk about sharing your vaping life with your friends and relatives. The other function of the app that allows the user to diversify their experience is the opportunity to make ‘Tasting Notes’ so that the user can refresh their memories while choosing new tastes for their best vape pen for e-liquid.

The other interesting feature of the app is that one can hook up his or her vape store to the app so that the other users can easily find the shop in the app when at home or traveling. For business owners, this function helps to promote their stores and gain more customers, and for ordinary users, the app helps to find the best shop possible relying on the feedback from other users.

#3 Ohm’s Law

The app’s primary function is to assist those who want to create their best vape pens themselves. The app stores all kinds of information about coils, e-liquids, batteries, vaping device types, and other important vaping things. In fact, this app can be considered educational in a way. It can give loads of facts about the technical side of vaping and the ways to deal with possible issues.

It also provides the user with a specially developed calculator so that the users could stick to the safety norms and minimize health risks. This means that even if you hold a vape pen for the second time in your life, you have a chance to succeed in setting up your vaping device provided that you follow all the instructions. In fact, ensuring the correct voltage, wattage, and resistance might be difficult even for an experienced user, so the use of Ohm’s Law can simplify your life and allow you to stop wasting time on calculations.

#4 Vape Tool

The app can both save your time and cut your expenses. The main function of the app is to optimize the use of your vaping device so that you do not overuse e-liquid and do not destroy your coil quickly. For avoiding coil destruction, one can use Coil Calculator and Coil Wrapping features. For creating one of the most fitting e-liquids, one can use a liquid blender calculator installed in the app. The diversity of the features that the app takes into consideration can be surprising for many vapers.


These are examples of the apps that modern vapers widely use. However, there also exist apps that assist in giving up nicotine consumption, which also can be used by vapers. In fact, mostly they are habit trackers, but some of them also take into account not only a person’s health but also the financial side of the problem. This proved to have a slightly more motivating influence on the users.

Such apps mostly provide the users with the opportunity to read the latest research about the impact of nicotine on human health, look through the statistics about the ways people’s lives changed after giving up or starting smoking, and register the changes in the user’s life after giving up smoking. This relates to both money and health.

#6 Quit Now!

This app is one of the examples of many others with similar functions. The developers highlight the app helps to focus your life energy into 4 groups and explains the benefits of your new status as an ex-smoker. The app also contains some kind of ‘missions’, where you can achieve up to 70 rewards, which keeps the user motivated to continue the nicotine-free way.

#7 Easy Quit

Easy Quit is another example of quitting app with the same functions but a different interface and focus on health improvements that one is going to have after giving up nicotine. One can also customize the quit plan in a way it is the most convenient for him or her so that personal preferences and circumstances are included.


To sum up, it does not matter whether you need an app to improve your vaping activities or to get rid of your vape pens, the world of smartphone apps has something to offer you. If you need support in your vaping community, you can just search for an app where you can share your feedback and photos. If you need to find a technical back in the use of the app, various vaping calculators are available. If you want to stop any vaping activity, there still exists a range of apps that can help.

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