Your Ultimate Guide to Secure Storage Data

Traditionally, data storage and security have been separate disciplines in IT. Although the two groups had some overlapping issues and worked together on some projects, they were mostly different.

These days, that model is changing. The constant news of security breaches has business leaders very concerned about their own risk.

Many of them are implementing approaches that make everyone in the organization responsible for security. For storage professionals, this means paying more attention to storage security.

What is Storage Security?

Storage security is a subset of the broader field of IT security? It focuses on protecting storage devices and systems.

Overview of the Virtual Data Room 

A virtual data room (VDR), also known as a deal room, is a secure online storage and distribution facility for documents. It is typically used in the data room due diligence process prior to a merger or acquisition to review, share and disclose company documents.

Some more facts:

  • Virtual data rooms, or VDRs, exist as a secure way to store documents that multiple people need access to at the same time.
  • VDRs are commonly used by companies in mergers, project work or other collaborative ventures that require access to shared data.
  • VDRs are considered more secure than physical documents because there is no risk of loss during shipping or accidental destruction.
  • Generally, activities such as copying, printing, and forwarding are disabled in VDRs.

Data Room Features

It provides users with almost everything for efficient and convenient document,  file, and digital rights management. The most important features include:

  • Information Security Features (Multi-Factor Authentication)
  • Watermarks
  • User activity viewer
  • Project management tools
  • Access permissions at various levels
  • Secure file preview
  • Document Tags
  • Audits
  • Electronic Signature
  • Anonymity management
  • Role-based permissions
  • Due diligence controls

In addition, 1-click archiving, easy material migration, unlimited data storage, new document notifications, and mass user invitations are available to users.

Security of Virtual Data Rooms

In general, virtual data rooms are considered extremely secure. One of the main indicators of a virtual data room provider’s security is the type of certification it boasts. The ISO 27081 standard is considered a top choice in security for cloud storage systems.

ISO is the largest developer of international standards, and therefore ISO certification is the most common in the world. An ISO-compliant VDR means that it follows the guidelines established to protect personally identifiable information (PII) in cloud storage systems. 

More specifically, VDRs allow you to securely store information, securely share files with clients and securely work on files.  

But what room has a proven level of security today?

Securedocs review

SecureDocs offers a free 14-day trial with immediate access to a fully functional online data room.

It is an easy-to-use, industry-leading virtual data room solution that can be set up in minutes. Companies from around the world trust SecureDocs for fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, licensing deals, strategic partnerships, audits, business valuations, legal events, and for permanent secure storage of corporate documents. Most importantly, this data room of choice for fast-track transaction management offers top-notch security.

SecureDocs’ 4S Values and Ethics


The most secure system for storing contracts and electronic signatures on the Internet.


Simple user interface saves time and allows you to learn the system quickly so you can work more efficiently.


Business software doesn’t have to be expensive to be highly functional and secure.


Customers always come first. A world-class customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Key Security Benefits of Using the SecureDocs Data Room

  • SecureDocs audit trail reporting allows you to track actions that potential investors or partners take. This gives a clear picture of who is showing activity in the data room software.
  • SecureDocs provides organizations with a secure, centralized repository for managing corporate contracts, helping them stay prepared for any upcoming legal audits.
  • All data in SecureDocs is fully encrypted and protected in 27001 certified data centers.
  • Only administrators can create unique permission profiles for users to ensure that only the appropriate interested parties have access to view, modify or download certain documents.
  • SecureDocs Virtual Data Room users require little or no training. They can be set up privately within fifteen minutes.

SecureDocs Pricing for Security

SecureDocs offers two flat fee plans and one customizable bundled plan. All three plans offer unlimited support, data and user storage, and the same security, configuration and document sharing features. The differences between the plans are as follows:

The 3-month plan

  • Pay quarterly
  • US$ 400 per month, so the total amount is US$ 1,200
  • Ideal for projects that last less than three months

The 12-month plan

  • Payable annually
  • US$ 250 per month, for a total of US$ 3,000
  • Ideal for projects that last more than three months

The Bulk Package Plan

  • Payable annually
  • Price based on volume
  • Ideal for companies managing multiple transactions at the same time

SecureDocs does not offer packages that include multiple online data rooms, so each additional data room is charged separately. However, there are discounts if a customer purchases multiple twelve-month plans. The first twelve-month data room is paid for at the full price of $3,000, but each additional annual data room is discounted at $1,500.

For non-profit customers, SecureDocs offers price discounts on individual data room plans. SecureDocs does not provide free flash drives. The cost per USB flash drive is $300. 

SecureDocs Free Trial Version

SecureDocs offers a 14-day free trial of its virtual data room. Test users have access to full security features and unlimited users and storage during the trial period. Potential customers can also request a product demo.

Support from SecureDocs

SecureDocs provides technical customer support via email and phone. If a potential customer or buyer has quick questions, they can use the chat room on the site. The SecureDocs website also offers training videos, webinars, and user guides for its software.

So, if you need secure data storage – SecureDocs is the best solution. This cloud-based software will give you the confidence to store your documents in an easy and straightforward way.

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