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Coconstruct has been providing project management services since 2004. With 18 years of experience, the Coconstruct software offers focused features for construction projects. Coconstruct ensures that users can finish projects within the assigned time and budget. Redteam software is trusted by over 100,000 users around the globe. It is a cloud construction platform to manage construction financials and project documents. In this article, we discuss detailed overview of coconstruct reviews and redteam reveiws.

Feature Highlights of Coconstruct vs Redteam

The following are some vital features you can find on Coconstruct and Redteam.


The Coconstruct software is a project manager for construction companies. It provides features for bill management, coordinating schedules, streamlining bidding, and branding. The following features bring its efficacy to light:

Billing Management 

Users can manage construction-related billing processes efficiently. Coconstruct software allows organization by seeing, sorting, and dealing with all of your bills in one place. To approve, pay, delete, and push bills to QuickBooks, you can view all of your bills across all of your projects or all of your bills on a single project. Some other ways through which billing is made more accessible include:

  • The ‘SmartReader’ automatically scans bills as they arrive in your inbox, extracting and adding to your bill information, including the bill date, trade partner, line items, and amounts.
  • You can ensure that the costs of your project are authorized and paid. Mark bills as approved and push them to QuickBooks once you have confirmed the work has been finished.

Accounting System Integration

The integration of construction accounting has made it simpler to bring billing precision. Letting CoConstruct push and draw crucial data from your accounting system will help you integrate your systems, reduce errors, and save time. Some of the highlighted functions of this feature are:

  • Having CoConstruct transfer change order information and price for you can always provide clear, consistent customer invoices.
  • With automatic data pulls from QuickBooks, you’ll always be aware of your current expenditure and anticipated costs.

Tracking Jobsite Activity 

You can view the activity that takes place on the field. If you don’t know what happened in the past, you can’t plan the future with any degree of accuracy. CoConstruct keeps you informed by making it simple for your field crew to record today’s events. Some features play an important role when it comes to tracking the job site:

  • Viewing the daily history of one project or seeing everything that occurred on a given day for all of your projects can help you save time in meetings.
  • To identify reoccurring problems on projects, you can quickly report on problems like late subs and missing orders using custom flags.

Coconstruct Reviews

The Coconstruct reviews show that it is an all-rounder tool that can be used for billing accuracy and managing the on-site activity of the workers. 

Coconstruct Demo

The Coconstruct demo is available on the website. It can be scheduled by filling in a form. 

Coconstruct Cost

The Coconstruct cost supports two types of billing options. Both standard and plus offer a wide array of features for pre-construction, project management, operations, and financials. The standard plan costs $99, and it can be used to manage unlimited projects, has technical support for its users, and coaching for best practices. It can also be used to manage a cost catalog, lead management, and standard estimating. On the other hand, the plus plan charges $399, and it can be used for advanced estimating, managing bills, and accessing a client portal. This added benefits of this option include a trade partner portal and labor budget time tracking.


RedTeam software oversees all aspects of project management from start to finish. For stress-free plan administration, you can drag and drop all plans and specifications into RedTeam’s ‘Optical Character Recognition tool. Manage the most recent iteration of all drawings and issue addenda. 

Redteam Submittals 

The Redteam ‘submittal workflow’ has been created to understand the crucial aspect of your project management clearly. You can make requests and submission packages using our platform for managing construction projects. Take advantage of the collaborative functionality to record all the metadata related to this procedure.

RFIs (Request for Information)

You may control the flow of requests for RFIs on any of your projects using RedTeam. Take a look at, distribute, and monitor any RFIs. To ensure that no RFIs slip between the cracks, keep an accurate and up-to-date log and work aggressively together.

Shifting Orders

RedTeam offers a comprehensive platform that allows for the dynamic management of all the moving pieces of a change order and the provision of real-time information about its status with the least amount of data entry. You can choose the suppliers you want to hire, obtain quotations from those you believe are most suited to complete the task, and then issue a change order or make a new commitment directly from RedTeam. Even when the order is still in the draught stage, you can still send your client a change proposal and ask them to participate. Utilizing these tools, you can gather all the data related to this specific change order.

Managing Schedules

You will have access to a Gantt charting tool on RedTeam that is remarkably comparable to Microsoft Project. With Microsoft Project, files can be imported and exported. The information will be instantaneously accessible in the planroom and on any of your mobile devices when you start to update your Gantt timetable. 

Redteam Reviews

The Redteam reviews establish that it is a reliable platform that is accessible, easy to use, and offers the best value for the money. 

Redteam Demo 

If you want to learn how Redteam can be helpful for your daily project management requirements, you can access a demo too. The Redteam demo is a resourceful guide through which you can further envision how its specs match your needs. 

RedTeam Cost

The Redteam cost is customized for each company since it is crucial that startups and enterprises have suitable payment options.

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