Jira Software vs Confluence Software – The Debate to End All Debates

Confluence and Jira are both products by Atlassian which can make it difficult for companies to choose between them. In order to make a smart choice it is important to learn the differences between both products. Jira is mostly used for project management and makes it easier to track issues whereas Confluence is a collaborative platform used for its database features. Both tools can be integrated and for those who can afford it, this is the best way to reap their maximum benefits. However, this article looks more closely at either option and analyzes their strengths and weaknesses. The objective is to make it easier for companies to choose between Jira software vs Confluence software.

 The Basics

Confluence and Jira are both products that promote collaboration between teams but the way they approach it is very different. Confluence helps manage all types of content while Jira mostly deals with structured data. In the Jira software vs Confluence software debate, there is no clear winner, but one product might be more useful than the other for a particular business.


Confluence was initially supposed to be used for software documentation purposes and it is a general-purpose software that is used in different situations. The most attractive feature is that it helps users set up their private wiki or internal knowledge base. It can be very efficient for building an employee handbook, collaborating with documents, and sharing meeting notes.

Smaller teams can use Confluence for project management and project documentation. If they do not require the dedicated issue tracking features included in Jira, then there is no reason for them to spend money on it.


Jira is an issue tracking solution which has been developed to help Agile teams handle their projects. It is mostly used by software development teams because it facilitates sprint planning, defining user stories, and setting priorities in the backlog. Jira is mostly suited for building large-scale or complex products and it has heavy features that offer a wide range of customization options. 

A smaller team not in the technology industry might find it too complex for their needs. They will be happier with a user-friendly option like Confluence which will better suit their working style and office environment. 

Difference between Jira Software vs Confluence Software


Jira and Confluence are two completely different products created by the same developer. They are both Atlassian collaboration tools and overlap in some areas. There are a few differences in the way the product is marketed. Jira is a bug tracking or issue management software which makes it easier to resolve problems, follow the progress on errors, and manage relevant project functions. Confluence is a database management tool that allows teams to contribute to a single document and organize all content for the project. 


Jira is only one of the products that is part of the Jira family which includes a Service Desk and Core. It is specifically used by software development companies to manage their projects with the support of Agile methodologies. They can design, customize, manage all types of workflows, tasks and reports. While Jira helps users manage work in an agile manner, Confluence is a knowledge base and majorly used for content management. Users can create, arrange, and store their ideas, discussions, files, and other data. They can share information much more efficiently and it empowers them to make decisions faster.


Jira is used to track issues so it is mostly utilized for bug management or internal error resolution. It has a Kanban board on which tickets can be assigned so team members can follow their status with ease. Users can also tag each other on the ticket for feedback, input, or review. Confluence on the other hand, is used to publish regular highlights and keep track the progress. Users can share general information, company updates and publish the legal or HR policies on the platform.

Integrating Jira and Confluence

Both platforms can be used together and since they are by the same vendor there is full support for the integration. When Jira and Confluence work together they bring all project documentation to a single location. The team no longer needs to search for files in their email, computer folders, and cloud-backed drives. The project requirements, release notes, specifications and code reviews can be maintained in the Confluence database.

Integrating Jira software vs Confluence software can promote cross-functional communication and break the barrier that exists between different departments. The stakeholders of the business will be able to view the status of all versions with release information and gain complete visibility into the team progress. It reduces the time wasted by users switching between different platforms and they do not have to learn a completely new software either.

Companies in the software development sector can gain access to all the necessary documentation from Jira. Confluence pages can be imported and widgets added to them making it easier for developers to view the status of relevant tasks. They can also assign user permissions so only the authorized personnel can view the restricted content. Using Jira software vs Confluence software together can help with reporting as well.

Jira generates data related to projects and their issues but business teams usually lack the expertise to make sense of these reports. Integrating Jira can help present the information in a format that is easily digestible for the layman. Users can utilize different charts, diagrams, and graphs to show how the business is doing.


Although both platforms are used for collaboration, they cannot substitute for one another. If you have made up your mind to choose an Atlassian product and do not have any budgetary constraints then using them both together is the best option. However, if you are a smaller business then Jira would be the best option if you are from the software development sector whereas Confluence is more suited for businesses of all types.


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