Don’t Run The IPTV on A Dedicated Server

Do you really think the dedicated server is the key to everything you want? That’s partly true because all its resources are in your hands. Yet there are some nuances you need to know about its functioning. For example, the equipment in the classic explanation doesn’t match IPTV requirements. Let’s explain why.

Differences compared to other types of hosting

The dedicated server is usually the complete physical equipment connected to the network via high-speed routes, like highways. All stand’s infrastructure belongs to the single owner with full access to the statistics and controls. These bare metal constructions are the base for other types of hosting: cloud, virtual, etc.

Virtual servers often have a shared nature. So, somebody or something to allocate the resources between all users. VPS hosting is much cheaper but risky because of possible neighbors’ impact. The reason is the virtualization without the necessity to rent the physical device.

Cloud hosting is mostly a subtype of personal hosting. These systems are autonomous with full liberty of use. But the client desiring to exploit the clouds agrees to predetermine software oriented for the selected sphere. These are the leading dedicated server diffs from rival hosting types.

IPTV and dedicated server

You’ll get the ready-to-use server stand when you buy a dedicated server with bitcoin. It contains a powerful CPU, maybe a graphic processor, capable storage, and other equipment ordered by you. All is ready for the solution to run Internet Protocol TV. But here start the problems.

The first problem is that the DS configuration doesn’t have the required connections. It would be best if you connected the UDP responsible for capturing, for example, the satellite signal. But the necessary ports are absent there. What a pity. Besides, you need to connect the tuner cards and run special software to receive, overwhelm and deliver the signal to the users. The provider may ban these procedures.

Another problem is the bandwidth. Most providers limit it by certain terabytes, as most IPTV services suggest thousands of simultaneous users or more. As a result, they consume all traffic too early. And the speed is much slower in this case – only 1 Gbps while comfortable video streaming requires at least 10 gigabytes of unmetered bandwidth per second.

A predetermined streaming server is better

The IPTV streaming server is the best solution for your idea. It has not only the standard configuration but the space for equipment responsible for signal propagation and delivery, plus software and administration panels for different services: VOD, corporate information, etc. So be conscious when you choose the configuration for your television network.

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