Gaming mouse Vs Normal Mouse – Which One Is Better For Gaming?

Whenever it comes to PC gaming, many people would recommend you to buy a gaming mouse. And as you already know that gaming mice are pretty expensive. So the question is, are a gaming mouse really worth it, or normal mouse would work the same? To answer this question, I will be drawing a comparison of gaming mouse vs normal mouse in this article.

Although, there are not many differences between a gaming mouse and a normal mouse. A gaming mouse can perform all the tasks that a normal mouse can. But what makes gaming mice stand out is the number of extra features that it offers which helps you in your gaming.

Anyway, to help you out, let me just go ahead and explain it to you in brief:

Gaming Mouse vs Normal Mouse

gaming mouse vs regular mouse

One of the main differences that we get to see in a normal mouse and a gaming mouse is that gaming mouse allows you to change its DPI or dot per inch. DPI measures how much sensitivity your mouse has, and you can change the sensitivity of your mouse depending on what kind of games you play.

However, on the other hand, the regular mouse features a DPI of around 1000. But with a gaming mouse, you can have 4000 DPI or more. Also, a gaming mouse offers you a dedicated button that lets you change the DPI instantly. 

But when it comes to the question, do you really need a gaming mouse or not is completely vary on your usages. For instance, if you are into hard core FPS games, you are going to need a mouse with faster DPI rates.

What makes a gaming mouse different from regular mouse?

A gaming mouse looks pretty much like a regular mouse. But in some cases, a gaming mouse looks completely different from the normal mouse. Also, they operate differently from any regular mouse. However, to help you understand better, below are some of the main differences that a gaming mouse spots:


DPI stands for dots per inch. And dots refer to the number of points that your mouse can register movement between in a single inch.

If your mouse features 4000 DPI, then it will detect movement between 4000 spots in a single inch. As a result, the mouse will really move fast on your computer, and it will pick the smaller movements easily.

So when you are gaming, you will be able to get a lot more responsiveness, and the mouse sensitivity will get increased.

But the higher DPI isn’t always a good thing, if you are working on spreadsheets or browsing the web, a higher DPI can be a pain for sure. Luckily, the gaming mouse lets you switch between different DPI levels.


On gaming mouse, you also get to see a bunch of extra buttons. Also, these buttons can be customized to allow you to perform certain actions. So you can play your games faster and better.

Also, these extra buttons help you to keep your hands in a resting position while you are gaming. As you don’t really have to press any extra keys to perform any actions.

However, depending on what mouse you are getting, the number of buttons will vary. Even some gaming mouse has up to 10 buttons or more. And if you are interested in such gaming mice, you can look at the best pink gaming mouse with extra buttons list.

Polling Rate

Polling rate is also something that we get to see in a gaming mouse. Polling rate is extremely important as it decides how sensitive your mouse is. It is responsible for reporting position or movement to your PC. Also, apart from having a high DPI, the mouse should also have a good polling rate.

In case if your mouse has a low polling rate while having a high DPI, it will be unable to report subtle changes in position to your PC.

But a gaming mouse with a high polling rate will allow the mouse to report its movement more often. As a result, you will get to enjoy better responsive controls.

Should you be buying gaming mice?

why is a gaming mouse better than a normal mouse

If you are into serious or hardcore gaming, then gaming mice is definitely something you should own. A gaming mouse will help you in a lot of ways, and you will be having a great experience while playing FPS or multiplayer games.

Even, apart from having a higher DPI and polling rate, the gaming mouse also features a design that will keep your hands in the right position. So you can play games for hours without having any issues.

So yes, a gaming mouse is definitely worth it. Just make sure you are picking up a good gaming mouse with all the necessary features. Also, if you want help with choosing the right gaming mouse, do chck this guide – how to pick a gaming mouse.

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