How To Pick A Good Gaming Mouse? (5 Things To Consider)

Picking up a good gaming mouse is always a challenging task. As there are too many things to consider, such as DPI, mouse sensitivity, extra buttons, and so on. Even it completely depends on what kind of games you play, what kind of mouse size fits in your hand, and many more. So the question is, how to pick a good gaming mouse?

To help you out with this question, I am going to mention some of the important points that you must consider while purchasing a gaming mouse. However, if you are thinking of getting a regular mouse, then do have a look at the gaming mouse vs normal mouse comparison. 

Anyway,let’s just quickly go ahead and have a look at the important factors:

How To Pick A Good Gaming Mouse?

1. Laser Vs Optical Sensor

Whenever it comes to the mouse tracking technology, we get to see two types – laser and optical sensors. At one side, an optical mouse uses an LED light as an illumination source, and a laser mouse uses a laser.

Also, an optical mouse has a resolution of around 3000 DPI. But a laser mouse comes with a resolution between 6000 to 15000 DPI.

As laser mice have a higher DPI, they are capable of tracking more dots per inch, and they are more sensitive. And as a gamer, this higher sensitivity surely comes as an advantage in competitive gaming.

2. DPI (Dots Per Inch)

how to find a good gaming mouse

DPI stands for dots per inch or pixels per inch, and it is responsible for determining how far the cursor moves per inch of mouse movement. For instance, if a gaming mouse with 3000 DPI moves an inch, the cursor moves 1600 pixels.

And the lower the DPI rating is, the lower sensitivity your mouse has. An average mouse comes with a DPI rating of 1600. However, gaming mice can have a DPI rating of 4000 or more.

Also, the best part of the gaming mouse is that it allows you to switch between different DPI ratings. So you can use different DPI ratings for different games or switch between work and gaming mode. And you can find such gaming mouse in this list of best pink gaming mouse.

3. Weights

The weight of your gaming mouse is also one of the important factors. As it determines the ability to enjoy your gaming style.

For instance, if you wish to move your mouse quickly, you want something lightweight. But if you want a better grip, then you will need something heavy.

Luckily, there are a few gaming mice available in the market that let you adjust your gaming mouse’s weight. And one such gaming mice is the Logitech G502 Hero.

4. Grip Style

how to choose a good gaming mouse

Most gamers out there use fingertip, claw or palm grip styles to enhance their gaming experience. So based on your type of gaming style, you will need to choose a gaming mouse. As it would help you to find a gaming mouse with the perfect shape that fits in your hand and offer you a comfortable gaming experience.

5. Customization

how to choose a mouse for gaming

In the end, you might prefer a gaming mouse with additional customization options. For instance, if a mouse has extra buttons, then you can assign different actions to different mouse buttons for less hand movement.

Also, you can further customize the lighting color of the mouse to match your gaming setup. As well as there are lots of other customization options that gaming mice offer, which will surely be beneficial in your gaming.

Final Words:

So that was all about how to pick a good gaming mouse. I hope these points have helped you understand what things you should consider while buying a gaming mouse. In case if there is anything else you would want to ask, then do comment below.

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